30 September 2008

Props for Little Miss Cupcake

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From the Mouths of Customers:

I must be honest, your cup cakes were a hit. Def the best I`ve had in Paris. I look forward to ordering from you again. -Jonathan H.

Un petit mot pour vous dire que vos cupcakes étaient un délice ! Je reviendrai vers vous pour d'autres occasions. - Astrid R.

Oh, they are to DIE FOR!!!!! I managed to taste (ok, I kinda ate) one of each kind and they are just heavenly! I'm already looking for reasons to need more cupcakes, so hopefully I'll be in touch soon! - Lauren R.

These cupcakes are gorgeous! I love them! Can I have another? -Emma, 5 years-old

Just wanted to thank you so so so much for your wonderful cupcakes! They were a real hit.. and we're trying our best not to devour them all!
-Vicky G.

Adrien loved your cupcakes as well, he had a huge smile when I showed up with them at school! -Corina B.

J'avais oublié de vous laissé mon avis sur vos cupcakes, ils sont juste fantastiques, félicitations. On se croirait à NY! - Elise D.

The cupcakes had a big success and my girls definitely prefer yours over mines - ha! that shows the expert... -Eve M.

Oh, Sophie (9 years-old) ate a second cupcake last night and said (and I quote), "That was the best cupcake I've ever eaten!" I ate the red one and it was delicious. Really, really yummy.
- Wendy L.

I bought a half a dozen of the lovely Christmas tree cupcakes this morning, and needless to say they are all gone! They taste as lovely as they look. My almost 5 year old gave them 2 thumbs up! - Claire F.

They are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL cupcakes I've ever seen, really! I also loved the frosting, the lemon was especially a nice surprise. …You should really be proud of your work…I can't wait to share them with my colleagues!!!
- Suzanne C.

Hubby and i devoured the cupcakes!!! Sam's got one left! Poor thing. So, how do i go about ordering more? - Cherry M.

Les cupcakes étaient très bon, et plus les enfants étaient grand plus ils ont aimé. Très bonne réussite. Bravo et merci. - Xavier I.D.

I've been meaning and meaning to write to you and say THANK YOU for the fabulous cupcakes. Rob and I thought that the ones with the white frosting were just unbelievable (and Rob is not usually a sweets eater). My mother, step-father and kids opted for the chocolate-chocolate ones (they didn't know what they were missing!), and given how quickly those disappeared, I gather they were also delicious. - Jennifer F.

Ce mail pour vous remercier pour les excellents cupcakes que vous avez préparé pour nous. Ils étaient vraiment délicieux !!!! A très bientôt, c'est certain ! - Thomas H.

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