23 September 2012

My Angel is a Centerfold

Since opening the bake shop, I haven't had much time to take pictures of the cakes and cupcakes coming out of my kitchen. A lot of the snaps I have taken are with my iPhone -- the results being less than spectacular as evidenced by my flickr photostream.

A few years back, I bartered an agreement with a Paris based photographer. In exchange for making a bunch of dairy-free cupcakes for her daughter's birthday, she would take some nice pictures of my cupcakes. The months passed, we both got tied up in our respective careers and then she eventually returned to her native Australia! Fortunately for me (and her!), she is great at what she does and has the opportunity to visit Paris for work projects frequently. On her last visit, we finally got a chance to catch up and do that long ago discussed photo shoot.

I LOVE the pictures that came out of our session. You can see a few here. What do you think?

If you are looking for a photographer while in Paris, I cannot recommend Sarah more. She is fabulously talented, very easy-going and an all round joy to work with. While she focuses on family portraits shot around town, I think Sarah has a great future in food photography as well! :) You can check more of her work on her site: Sarah Gardan Photography. I'm hoping to work with her again soon as it's hard to go back to the iPhone once you've seen something like these!

13 September 2012

What's New, Pussycat?

Kitty Rainbow Birthday Cake by Sugar Daze
Kitty Rainbow Birthday Cake, a photo by Sugar Daze on Flickr.

White Wedding cake with Kitty in fondant. Inside waits a colorful surprise -- a vividly hued rainbow! Made for a birthday party; approved by the guests! All our cakes are available for custom order chez Sugar Daze.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb by Sugar Daze
Cherry Bomb, a photo by Sugar Daze on Flickr.

Hello world I'm your wild girl
I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

Coconut cupcake with a cherry jam center and luscious chocolate buttercream...... It's da bomb! Cherry Bomb!