27 July 2010

Thank You for Giving Me the Best Day of my Life

Well folks, this is it. August is almost here and with it, I'll be hanging up my apron for a bit and headed to the beach. (Not to be confused with Paris Plage which I visited today and highly recommend for those of you stuck in the city this summer).

I feel like I hit the ground running at the rentree last September and just haven't stopped yet. It has been a crazy year! My first TV performance, my first Cupcake Camp, my first real cake disaster, and my first legal tangle (which I am still trying to solve). Look for some big changes here on the range as the new year gets underway in September. I am working on a new look and have some exciting projects which I need to keep under wraps for now.

It has been my utmost pleasure serving you all and I look forward to hitting the kitchen in high gear when I am back. I honestly believe I have the best job on the planet and if it wasn't for my customers, well, then, none of this would possible. So thank you everyone for keeping me in business!

And a special thank you to those who have lent their support and voices during the more trying times. Having my business name ripped off has been one of the most hurtful things I have ever lived through and I am trying to put that painful situation behind me. More developments to come on that as well...

I will be in France over the holidays and reachable if you can hold your cupcake craving at bay until la rentree. As a reminder, my email is info@littlemisscupcake.fr

Thanks to Joy C., one of my 1000+ fans on Facebook, who submitted the idea behind my new September cupcake which will be available starting 28 August. "Fields of Joy" will be a dark chocolate cupcake, filled with a pistachio creme brulee, topped with chocolate ganache and a hazelnut/pistachio studded chocolate disk. Have I got your attention? :P

I'm leaving you with some pics of my more recent orders. I have been lucky enough to have my cupcakes be a part of several weddings these past two months, and am looking forward to several more in August-October. If you are getting married and are interested in a cupcake tower, please do get in touch for a tasting and consultation!

Again, many, many, many thanks to you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Little Miss Cupcake cupcakes! Wishing you all a sweet end to your summer and see you in September.

xxx Little Miss Cupcake

23 July 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a pretty good blog post ready to go today for my birthday but truth is, it's been a crappy year and I am looking forward to closing this particular chapter of my life. I am looking forward to a new beginning tomorrow and am hoping this new year ahead will bring the peace and happiness that eluded me this past year.

Based on the card I received this AM from my son, things are looking good. It's the first handwritten note I have ever received from him and it's a keeper. It was written in French but here is a translation:

My Dearest Darling,
I love you with all my heart. You smell like a rose. You are very beautiful. I adore you especially when you take me to the movies. Love, Your Son

Sweet kid...he's a keeper too! Thanks to all who have sent me very sweet birthday wishes today!

10 July 2010

New Contest: Create a Cupcake!

I just uploaded all the details of a new contest in the Notes section of the Little Miss Cupcake Facebook page. Go check it out!

And good luck to you all!

***UPDATE*** Thanks to Joy C on my Facebook page for her suggestion of dark chocolate cupcakes with a pistachio creme brulee filling & a double chocolate ganache topping. It caught my attention right away and I am looking forward to introducing this to you all at the rentree! You heard here first: "Fields of Joy" will be coming in September.....

05 July 2010

We Came, We Saw, We Cupcaked!

Wow! WOW! What a day! 50 bakers, 1600+ cupcakes, 7 contests, 4 hours and more attendees than you could shake a stick at! There are many many many people that need to be thanked:

* The Bakers
* The Sponsors
* The Judges (Marie of MarieLuvPink, Heather of Secrets of Paris, Synie of Synie's Cupcakes, Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland, Bryan on Where is Bryan & Merce and the Muse, Lynda of Wedding Cakes Avenue, Alisa of Sweet Pea Baking, Kacee & Elizabeth of Le Best of Paris, and Ruthy of Beauty Cakes).
* Mika, Thomas and the team at Bistrot Vivienne
* The Volunteers who pitched in and kept everything running smoothly

And everyone who came out to show their support. We raised over 1200 euros for our charity, Rebuilding Haiti Now.

We hope you enjoyed it. We hope you ate lots of cupcakes!

We have started a Flickr pool where we would love to see any and all pictures taken from the event.

And by the way, we are sorry the contests ran late. The judges were still deliberating at 8PM long after everyone went home. Without further ado, here are the winners....Congratulations all!

Le Best of Paris: Stephane from Rebuilding Haiti Now and his amazing Profiterole cupcakes.
Most American: Josephine and her adorable Red Velvet Cupcakes (that's not Josephine but that is her winning cupcake pictured below).

The Best Cupcake by a Baker Under 16: Sophie and her delicious Orange Butter Bomb cupcakes.
Best Pop Culture Inspired: Cat of Little Miss Cupcake and her sexy Sex & the City inspired Cosmopolitan cupcakes.

Best Summer-Inspired: Nicolette of Cafe Creme and those luscious Verveine Peach cupcakes.
Most Exotic/Unexpected Ingredient : Claudia's "Passion Paradise" which exquisitely combined mango, lemoncurd and cream cheese.
People's Choice: Laila and her mouthwatering Guinness Kisses minis!

And a big congratulations to Sabrina who won our drawing and took home the 177 piece Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorator set!

Thanks again so much to everyone who participated and made this day possible! We look forward to seeing you all next year.......

Wow! WOW! Quelle journee! 50 patissiers, 1600+ cupcakes, 7 concours, 4 heures et beaucoup, beaucoup des invitees! Il faut d'abord remercier:

Les Patissiers
Les Juges (Marie of MarieLuvPink, Heather of Secrets of Paris, Synie of Synie's Cupcakes, Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland, Bryan on Where is Bryan & Merce and the Muse, Lynda of Wedding Cakes Avenue, Alisa of Sweet Pea Baking, Kacee & Elizabeth of Le Best of Paris, and Ruthy of Beauty Cakes).
Nos Partenaires
Mika, Thomas et leur equipe au Bistrot Vivienne
Les Volontaires

Et un grand merci a tout ceux et celles qui sont venus. En esperant que vous avez trouve votre bonheur et sont rentres chez vous bien satisfaits par tous les cupcakes degustes! Grace a vous, on fera un don au Rebuilding Haiti Now de plus de 1200 euros.

Nous avons cree un page sur flickr pour partager les photos de Cupcake Camp Paris 2010. SVP ajoutez les votres.

Apres beaucoup de deliberation (et quelques heures de presentation -- desoles pour le retard), on felicite les gagnants de nos concours:

Le Best of Paris: Stephane de Rebuilding Haiti Now et les cupcakes Profiterole.
Le Plus Americain: Josephine et les cupcakes "Rouge Velours" facon USA.
Le Meilleur Cupcake par un patissier de moins de 16 ans: Sophie et les cupcakes Oranges-Bombes de Beurre.
Le Meilleur Pop Culture: Cat de Little Miss Cupcake et les cupcakes Cosmopolitan inspire par Sex & the City.
Le Meilleur Isnpire par l'Ete: Nicolette de Cafe Creme et les cupcakes Verveine-Peche.
Le Cupcake Le Plus Exotique: Les cupcakes "Passion Paradise" de Claudia -- mangue, citron et fromage frais.
Choix de la Publique: Laila et les cupcakes faits avec la biere Guinness!

Et felicitations a Sabrina qui a gagne le tirage au sort pour l'ultime kit "Decoration de Gateau" de Wilton.

Un grand merci a tous les participants et a la prochaine..... :P

Photos Courtesy of Lost in Cheeseland, Island Girl 4Ever, La Mariee aux Pieds Nus, Lady MissMBA and Amy Thomas

02 July 2010

Food Glorious Food

Sorry I have been a bit absent as of late here. I've been busy with my regular orders and lots and lots of preparations as we get ready for Cupcake Camp this Sunday. I do hope to see some of you Paris-based folks there. I am bringing a whole host of new flavors including Walking on Sunshine: Orange zest cupcakes filled with home-made lemoncurd and topped with strawberry buttercream; Stuffed Elvis: Banana cupcakes filled with home-made, organic marshmallow fluff and topped with peanut butter cream cheese buttercream and chocolate, and the Sex & the City-inspired, Got to Be Real: Cosmpolitan cupcake: Cranberry cupcakes with a Triple Sec-Lime Buttercream.

We have almost 50 bakers and over 1500 cupcakes committed for Sunday afternoon. You can see the whole line-up here:
I'll be back in a few days with lots of pictures and tales from Paris' first ever Cupcake Camp!