16 October 2011

I'm Blue.....

Chocolate cake for a baptism. Between the layers, a salted caramel buttercream. A vanilla swiss meringue buttercream covers the outside of the cake. Congratulations Aiden and family!

14 October 2011

Raise Your Glass

8-inch praline cutting cake with hot pink gumpaste roses surrounded by a small assortment of the various cupcakes and minis that will make up the wedding tower. Among the flavors: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Caramel Dolce, Berry Berry Good, Roll Over Beethoven and Everything's Coming up Rosie. The colors of the wedding are obviously black, white and fuschia. I couldn't help but listen to Pink the entire time I was baking and frosting these. Raising my glass to the young couple and wishing them a very long and happy life together.

Praline Cutting Cake Close-Up

04 October 2011

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Phew! It's Over! Cupcake Camp Paris II has come and gone and wow, was it amazing! I didn't get a chance to spend much time at the entrance - it was too busy inside - but I understand some people waited on line for about 30 minutes to come in. Now, that's cupcake love!

All in all we had about 500 people attend. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500-3000 cupcakes prepared and we raised close to 6000 euros. We'll be making a donation to Make A Wish France in the coming days just as soon as we have all our expenses paid out.

From my perspective, it may have been crowded but the event ran so much smoother than the 1st year.

Nicolette, Bryan and I will be publishing a tandem post to the Cupcake Camp Paris blog later this week but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who baked, attended, judged, gave financial support, donated prizes, volunteered, publicized the event and lent support. I am so so so very proud of what we accomplished and it's heartwarming to know that we will be able to touch so many young lives through our donation to Make A Wish France. Thank you everyone for EVERYTHING and we'll see you again next year!

Photo of my cupcakes up top by Fairy Cooker. If you'd like to see more pictures of Cupcake Camp Paris II, our flickr group is here.