31 January 2011

This Cupcake is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The banana brown sugar cupcake lightly spiced with fresh ginger and cinnamon and topped with a salted caramel buttercream. Available tonight & tomorrow along with C is for Cookie, I Love You Honey Bunny & I Want (Cotton) Candy cupcakes at Tan 'in Bar, 18 rue Breguet, 75011 Paris.

29 January 2011

I See Your True Colors Shining Through

It is frigid out today in Paris, though we were lucky to have a few rays of sunshine this morning. I feel like it's time to pack it all in and go hibernate for a few months and so decided to dress up today's orders in some bright, vivid Spring colors.

Petal pink, bright lemon and rosy red add some splash to She Wore Lemon, Rogue, and Strawberry Berry Berry Good cupcakes (above); I had some fun with the piping on Strawberry ones which remind me of those old bathing caps the synchronized swimmers wore in the '50's. And then I went with lots of sparkles and pink buttercream to accent the 3-layer Vanilla Lovers Cinderella cake. Don't you just love Cinderella's dress with the feather collar? Tres chic!

21 January 2011

Love to Love You Baby!

The Sugar Daze Valentine's Day coffret is back and better than ever (reserve yours now - quantities are limited)!

The 2011 collection includes.....

2 cupcakes of your choice in the following flavors:

Vanilla Lovers (vanilla bean cupcake & buttercream)
Rogue (vanilla bean cupcake & milk chocolate buttercream)
Wonderful Tonight (almond cupcake with a cherry-vanilla jam center & dark chocolate buttercream)
Sexy Back (vanilla cupcake, champagne macerated raspberries gelee center, & your choice of rose OR milk chocolate buttercream)
La Vie en Rose (white chocolate chunk cupcake & your choice of strawberry-rose OR raspberry buttercream)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (my favorite: red velvet cupcake & your choice of vanilla bean OR spicy cinnamon cream cheese frosting)

+ an adorable card for your beloved specially created for Sugar Daze by Bonne Fete (pictured). Available in tiffany blue/red or pink/red, cupid takes aim at a cupcake/inside of card is blank.

The set = 11,00 euros.

Cupcakes can be picked up on February 14 at either our Paris 75011 or 75017 locations. Send an email to info@sugardazecupcakes.com for more information or to reserve yours. Peace, love and cupcakes y'all!

Unattached? There's no reason to deprive yourself of some delicious Valentine's Day cupcakes made with love! Several decorations available including this "Love Stinks," a black rose or a declaration "I Love Me." Make sure to specify you want a "Not in the Mood for Love" box when ordering.

18 January 2011

Just a Little Patience

If I hadn't already changed my name from Little Miss Cupcake, I would seriously start considering a change to Little Miss Cake! Since the beginning of January, it has literally been like a cake factory here in my kitchen. And I gotta tell you, I am not as comfortable with cakes as I am with cupcakes. There is a definite skill to cutting and layering cakes so that they stand up straight. And since I am not a huge fan of fondant-covered cakes, it takes a lot of patience to get a smooth surface with your buttercream. I also firmly believe that there is a real art to decorating a cake. I see that big surface staring me in the face and I don't see a canvas...I see something that I am really not quite sure what to do with!

I have been looking at a lot of different sites lately to get some inspiration as I seem to be getting more and more calls for cake. I've recently discovered Pink Cake Box, Petal Sweet Cakes and Zoe Clark among others. If you're a cake baker, feel free to leave me a note and tell me where you draw your inspiration from. I'll be sticking to cupcakes where I can but do find a certain relaxation in cake baking and making. One of my goals for the year in addition to improving my cake decorating skills is to find a cake style and stick with it. I think that will make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Fist up was a Hot Wheels cake for my son's 8th birthday. The kids at his party were fascinated by the grass and were having fits of giggles when they asked me for more grass please!

Next was a wedding cake for a couple who brought me a shawl worn by the fiance's great grandmother on the day she was married 60 or so years ago. The current fiancee would be wearing it on her wedding day as well. The design on the cake was inspired by the cascades of yellow, beige and white blossoms on that shawl.

They there was a cake for a two year-old's birthday. Her parents wanted an elephant on the cake.

And lastly a second wedding cake for a couple who were both getting married for the second time. They wanted something somewhat traditional but at the same time kind of against the grain. I ordered these absolutely exquisite blood-red roses from my florist and they really stole the show -- this was actually a pretty fairly easy cake to make but the results were extraordinary thanks to the fresh blooms.

14 January 2011

I Will Not Eat Things for Money

I haven't seen the Simpsons in many years but will willingly admit that I have spent countless hours being entertained by them. One of my favorites still remains the random expressions written on the blackboard of the beginning of each episode. You can find a list of them here.

These are Vanilla Lovers & Strawberry Berry Berry Good cupcakes with hand-made sugarpaste toppers. They were ordered for a birthday - I imagine the birthday boy or girl is a fan too.

My favorite one to create was Marge with her big blue hair. I had a laugh too when looking up "Doh!" which I always thought was written that way but on every website I checked they had inserted an apostrophe to make it "D'Oh!" I have to ask if that is because my browser defaults to French sites and this is the French version. Or is that really the way it is spelled? Something to contemplate over a donut and mug of Duff.

01 January 2011

I'm Walking on Sunshine & Don't It Feel GOOD!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope your 2011 is off to a good start. I had some amazing news about 1 hour in and am hoping it's a sign of all the good stuff that is yet to come.

Yesterday I told you about the young Frenchman, Jerome, I prepared "proposal" cupcakes for. I first met him this summer when he came to me looking for cupcakes for his girlfriend's birthday. She had discovered cupcakes while living in DC during 2009 for a work project and became a little bit obsessed. Several failed home-baking trials later, and after having dragged Jerome to every cupcake shop in Paris looking for the holy grail, frustration set in as nothing lived up to her memories of what she had tasted stateside. A friend of a friend sent them to me and since then, they have become pretty frequent clients. Slowly working their way through just about every flavor on my menu!

In November, Jerome asked me if I would be in Paris over New Year's - that he had something special in mind and wanted to make me a part of it. I was a bit reluctant to commit as I hoped that we would be away on vacation for the holidays but as fate would have it, we were unable to get out of town. Had I known what he had in store, I would have answered with a firm yes right there on the spot.

A few weeks ago, a follow-up email...."I am planning on proposing to Rose-Marie on New Year's Eve and want to do it with cupcakes." Come again? What? Oh my! An order like this only comes around like once in a lifetime and I was so honored that I had been asked to do this! Once I got over my excitement, I turned into a mini bridezilla over the next few weeks. Pouring over cupcake sites looking for the perfect die-cut cupcake wrappers and suggesting all sorts of flavors to Jerome -- champagne-based, rose for Rose-Marie, etc., etc. He quickly came back and told me, "Let's just make it simple, okay? Chocolate, vanilla, pretty but classic." Well, whatever what the customer wants, right?......

Jerome came by yesterday to collect the cupcakes and I have to admit he looked as a cool as a cucumber. I on the other hand was a bundle of nerves. I could barely get the cupcakes in the box my hands were shaking so much and my thoughts were on them all evening! I was so anxious to have news last night and then at 0H53 a text...."elle a dit oui!" (She said yes!). I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am for the young couple. Preparing these cupcakes was a major highlight for me on both a professional and personal level. Wishing Jerome and Rose-Marie all the best for a happy and bright future. I'm already thinking about the cupcake tower I want to build for the wedding; I have just the right decoration design in mind....kidding! Okay, not really! ;P