30 October 2008

About Little Miss Cupcake

Little Miss Cupcake is a home-based cupcake catering company in central Paris. All cupcakes are made fresh from scratch when you order using only the finest ingredients. Our scrumptious specially-themed cupcakes are perfectly suited for all your party and entertainment needs.

Cupcakes can be ordered in batches of 6; minimum order of 12. At present, we offer limited delivery within Paris, (extra delivery charges may apply)or you can arrange pick-up in the 17th for free. Cancellations must be submitted in writing 48 hours before delivery.

Our delicious cupcake and icing flavors include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, lemon, tagada fraise, nutella, chamallow, mint, peanut butter, oreo cookie and much, much more. Tell me what you like and I'll work with you to create it.

Make an every-day occasion extra-special with Little Miss Cupcake. A real treat for kids' birthday parties, weddings, holidays, house-warmings, baptisms, and many other events.

Contact me for pricing and more information: littlemisscupcake.paris@gmail.com

23 October 2008

Scary Spider Cupcakes

A friend hired me to make several batches of cupcakes for a Halloween party she was organizing for a group of 3 year-olds. She has just moved into a new house and I was afraid of doing anything with colored icing as little hands are apt to get everywhere, especially when they are covered in colorful, creamy cupcake frosting!

I was inspired to make these spooky spiders after seeing a similar batch on the M&M/Mars website. For these, I made just plain old vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. They were then coated in chocolate sprinkles. I used black licorice for legs, half marshmallows with Smarties for eyes and candy corn for fangs.

Apparently, these were a big hit with the American moms and their kids. The French were a little harder to convince -- cupcakes are virtually unknown in France, as is the tradition of celebrating Halloween by the way -- and some seemed "spooked" by these little guys. Luckily, the delicious taste of these mini cakes made up for the "fear factor" and Halloween became a little little less scary for some this year!