01 August 2009

She's Gone, Oh I, Oh I'd Better Learn How to Face It

Hello Cupcake Fans!

Me and the cupcakes have packed up and hauled out on vacation. I'll be in the US for a couple of weeks to attend my best friend's wedding and stir up a little trouble at my old stomping grounds in New York City. I'll also be doing a tour of the cupcakeries in the tri-state area to see what's on offer and bring the best back to my cupcake loving friends in France. If you are a New York cupcaker and want to meet up for an informal cupcake crawl, I'd love to hear from you: info@littlemisscupcake.fr

Obviously, I'm not taking any orders for the moment. I'll be back September 1 and will take it from there.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some pics of cupcakes made this week. If I am able to, I'll upload some pictures of cupcakes I encounter in my travels later in August.

And, please don't forget to vote for my "Lavender Loves Lemon Celebration Cupcakes" at Iron Cupcake:Earth. You have until August 5 midnight central time to vote (pick your 3 favorite cupcakes, check the boxes in the column on the right and then click on "vote"). Thank you!

I wish you all an excellent end of summer. And for those of you lucky enough to take some time for vacation, have a wonderful time! See you soon!

Little Miss Cupcake


  1. awesome cupcakes. these all look adorable :) Nice vacation!

  2. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday over in NY! Yes please take lots of photos! I adore your cupcakes, you make them so pretty! :)

  3. Thanks Snooky doodle and Jessy! I am so looking forward to visting NYC - it's been 3+ years since I was there. Will definitely report back on all the cupcakes that I sample there!

  4. I have yet to see any cupcake as lovely as yours, LMC (though the ones in Montreal came close). And the latest ones are just gorgeous. Safe travels. And let me know if you find a worthy adversary in NYC. If so, I will be on the next train in. ; )

  5. Wow, so many gorgeous, colorful cupcakes!

    Hope you enjoyed your summer vacation. :)