13 October 2009

From Russia With Love

About 2 weeks ago, I attended an "international mom's dinner" at the home of one of my son's classmates. I do find it ironic that my being American, and therefore part of a minority, deems me as "exotic" in certain circles here.

In total, we were about 15 mothers with representation from Germany, the UK, Italy, Africa, Japan, France and Lebanon. Each mom was asked to bring a dish from her native country and being me, well, it had to be cupcakes!

We had a veritable feast laid out for us starting with a multi-layered "cake" made from goat's cheese and marinated peppers. This was followed by mozzarella sandwiched between two fig halves, pickled radishes, salmon marinated in rice vinegar, chicken with garlic sauce, fried and boiled plantains and other assorted vegetables. I have never eaten so much and so well. The dessert was sensational with cupcakes, sliced mango and pineapple salad, and an authentic, home-made tiramisu from one of the Italian mammas (which incidentally was the highlight of my evening!).

The pics here show my offering of Vanilla Lovers, Raspberry Berry Berry Good, Cointreauversial (chocolate cupcake, drizzled with Cointreau glaze and topped with a chocolate-Cointreau ganache frosting) and White Russian (coffee cupcake with Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream) cupcakes. The White Russians were a new creation for me and I was quite pleased with the results. I'll be bringing them over to Shopping & Bubbles on Thursday night in mini format so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, do stop by....Budem zdorovy!

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