17 May 2010

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding

The hubby and I are coming up on 9 years of marriage this week. I honestly cannot believe it. The time has passed so quickly. I have been reading lots of stories in the press of celebrity couples who have renewed their vows recently -- Seal and Heidi Klum make it an annual tradition, Mariah Carey has renewed her vows 3 times in just 2 years, and apparently Fergie just did the same with her husband (who I understand might need a little help understanding what exactly those vows mean) but I digress. I'm thinking this might be a fun thing to plan for next year's 10 year anniversary. In the meantime, I have been contenting myself making cupcakes for lots of May brides!

I had the pleasure of preparing cupcakes for two weddings this past weekend. After weeks of grey, rain and cold, the clouds parted for just a few hours and the sun shined down on these two fortunate couples. First up was an assortment of mini cupcakes for a bride who was married in the country. She wanted color and left the flavor assortment up to me. I ended up making her Chocobutter and Raspberry Berry Berry Good in simple designs, complemented by pink I Want (Cotton) Candy topped with hand-made pearl-dusted fondant hearts and mini pearls and gold dragees,

Pale purple Vanilla Lovers decorated with simple silver and pearlized pink dragees,

Chocolate Squared cupcakes topped with pale green hand-made fondant stars and colorful discs and mini star sprinkles,

and Storm cupcakes topped with gold stars and dragees.

The second bride requested much simpler cupcakes in colors that matched the theme of her wedding: cream, brown and green. We ended up with 100 mini cupcakes in assorted flavors with an After Eight cutting cake that sat atop the cupcake tower (I'm hoping the photographer -- who also happened to be from the US even though the couple was French, and is a very talented guy -- will send me some pics of the final set-up to show off here!). I hand crafted the mum on top from home-made fondant colored pale beige and dusted with a very sheer layer of gold luster dust.

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to drop these off at the reception hall cause it allowed me a sneak peek into the wedding itself while the guests were dining. Such a beautiful and festive atmosphere; I so enjoyed having my cupcakes be a part of these very special moments! Felicitations to the two young brides!


  1. Love the storm cupcakes with gold stars, very chic x

  2. I think I'd let to get married again just to have you cater it :)