19 June 2010

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Well, at least I hope it does.....Two of my most frequent customers and getting married and I hope the sky will clear for them. After a week of glorious weather here in Paris, I don't think it got above 60 degrees today and it feels more like October than the end of June!

T & L are a really cute couple who booked their wedding order with me back in November. They have been huge fans and I thank them for their support! (One of the kindest compliments I ever had was on their return from London when they told me they hadn't tasted a single cupcake that even came close to mine. Really? Aw shucks!).

The colors of their wedding are lavender, light green, pink and cornflower blue. They were tremendous to work with -- sending me everything from a Powerpoint presentation that showed some images for what they had in mind, to going through my cupcake photos and picking ones that were in-line with their tastes. They even went so far as to order the cupcake liners (originally they found an Etsy supplier in California but decided later on to go with a plain silver foil which was easily found in the UK). I only wish every wedding client could be so inspired.

The assortment of cupcakes they chose for the wedding are: Caramel Dolce (vanilla bean cake with caramel frosting which I tinted light green and added handmade gumpaste flowers and sprinkles), Vanilla Lovers (vanilla bean cake and buttercream which I topped with a single pink pearl dragee), Chocolate Squared (chocolate cake and bttercream which also got handmade gumpaste flowers and pearl and silver dragees),

Cookies n Cream (these aren't pretty so I covered them in discs made of gumpaste which I embossed with butterflies), Broadway Blueberry Swirl (lightly scented lemon cakes studded with blueberries and topped with a swirled blueberry and lemon buttercream), Berry Berry Good (vanilla cakes with strawberry buttercream and handmade gumpaste flowers) and California Dreaming (lemon cakes with pistachio buttercream).

The last piece was the giant cupcake which they decided upon just a few weeks ago. I amde a lemon cake with a layer of strawberry buttercream in the center and then covered it with vanilla bean buttercream and handmade gumpaste flowers.

To T & L, I wish you nothing but sunshine in your lives, for tomorrow and forever. My sincerest congratulations to you, and enjoy tomorrow (and the cupcakes)! Okay gotta go translate this into French so I can leave the same message for them where they can read it! :)


  1. Wow...these flower cup cakes look awesome. I have never seen anything like it. keep on posting.

  2. Wowo i should print a picture and hand this in my home when i have dull days, so so beautiful.

  3. Very nice I have liked your cupcakes. Next time I must order from you. Keep posting. Be a hard worker.
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  4. Just find your post. What can i say ? you're amazing Cat !!!
    The wheather was awfull, you were right. But the cupcakes were so delicious that nothing else mattered! Thank you so much ! ♥♥♥ L.