06 November 2010

London Calling

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending London’s first Cupcake Camp. For those of you who don’t follow my blog, back in July, I organized the first ever Cupcake Camp Paris; it was interesting to attend the London version as a spectator/baker and see what the event is like from the opposite point of view.

Organized by Daisy Coole, Cupcake Camp London was held at Proud Camden, an art gallery/bar/lounge/restaurant/performance space in the Chalk Farm Stables Market on Halloween. It was a huge space and Daisy and her crew went to town with cupcake girls passing around cupcakes and frosting shots, live music, a raffle for all sorts of cupcake goodies, contests, a cupcake drawing room for kids and much more.

There was an excellent turn-out for this event (over 2,500 cupcakes pledged!) and my kids and I had a blast; the spooky Halloween decorations and similarly themed cupcakes certainly added to the excitement of the day.

I had planned on entering 2 contests but due to a delay with my hotel check-in, arrived at the venue too late to have my entrants considered. Since I was traveling by train, I had limited space to carry cupcakes and so only brought 10 each of my 16H Gouter & Cookie Monster cupcakes.

These were literally snatched up before I had time to arrange them on the platter; I was told that chocolate variety cupcakes were in demand! All in all, I was very happy to discover several new bakers whose cupcakes were gorgeous and delicious and pick up some tips on making the next edition of Cupcake Camp Paris even more successful!

Brava to Daisy and everyone who assisted in organizing this outstanding event; Cupcake Camp London raised over 4000 GBP for the North London Hospice.

Last time I was in London, I sampled several of the local cupcake bakeries including Lola’s and Primrose. Since that time, I have met many other UK bakers online and I made a mission to see at least 1 of them during our short trip there. I chose Love Bakery because I was already impressed by the beautiful cupcake pictures I had seen, and I had it on a good authority (from my friend & fellow cupcake afficianado, Leesa) that I MUST try this place. Boy am I glad I did!

I was a little overcupcaked from Cupcake Camp London and snacking through the stash of treats my kids had collected the night before when we went trick-or-treating – a first for them – but am so happy I made the trip to Love Bakery and the room for their cupcakes. I bought two regular size – Red Velvet and Lemon Curd Marscapone, and two minis – chocolate/chocolate and vanilla/vanilla. I didn’t really get to try the minis cause my daughter gobbled them down but the Red Velvet was heavenly – one of the best Red Velvets I have ever eaten and trust me, I buy one whenever I see them on a cupcake menu, and the Lemon was tangy, fresh and delicious.

The Love Bakery store is adorable with lots of cupcake decorating goodies, jars of vintage candies and other pretty things to look at. The owner, Sam, has published her first cookbook which is available for sale in the store (launch party on 11 November). If you are planning a trip to London or live there and love cupcakes, this is a cupcakery not to be missed! I have already recommended them to a UK wedding Client, and hope I have a chance to get me some more Love soon!

Last but not least, I wanted to publish the results of my two-year business anniversary contest in which I had several cupcake gifts to give away. I very much enjoyed hearing about the “best cupcakes” you have ever eaten. Winners were chosen completely by random using the random number generator at random.org. Without further ado, congratulations to….

- Geni who wins the demi-tablier from Sassy Apron
- Chupivore who wins 12 Sugar Daze cupcakes
- Annick who wins the Meri Meri Cupcake Kit from Made in Cupcake
- Roxane who wins the cupcake earrings from Ma Peste Adoree

Winners, please get in touch with me to claim your prizes at info@sugardazecupcakes.com

In the Photos:
1) Jumpin' Jack Flash cupcake by Sugar Daze
2) Brain Cake by Made with Pink
3) Eyeball cupcakes by Genii Cupcakes
4) Cooke Monster cupcakes by Sugar Daze
5) RIP, ghost and cobweb cupcakes by Swissybuns
6) Dia de los Muertas cupcakes by Belle Bakes
7) Red Velvet Cupcakes by Love Bakery
8) Vanilla Cupckaes by Love Bakery

For more pics of Cupcake Camp London, visit their flickr set here.

Love Bakery, 319 King's Road, SW3 5EP


  1. Hey Cat!

    Thanks for the shout out!!! YAY! I'm SOOOOOO glad you made it over to LOVE BAKERY-- I REALLLLLY think Sam's cupcakes are the BEST in London- and of ALL the cupcakes I've EVERY tried from a bakery-- Ours are excluded of course b/c ours are up there in 'The Best' Category, too..
    I can't believe all of the great cupcakes there- I really wish I had gone... That seems like the PERFECT thing to do for Halloween-- I bet the kids just LOVED seeing all of those cupcakes!
    I hope the do one next year and HAVE YOU THOUGHT about doing another one in Paris?? Maybe in the spring and we can do a spring related theme- like Easter or something? I think the summer was really hot and the melting issue was a factor but another time of the year would be GREAT!!!! What do you think? I'm up for it and up for taking more pics...
    Have a great weekend.. Leese

  2. I have been waiting for this post. Thank you for sharing. So glad you had fun at Cupcake Camp London. I wish I could have been there too. Reading about it makes it up a bit:)
    I agree with Leesa: I'm up for another Paris Cupcake Camp ! Anytime ! I'd be more than happy to assist you in organizing things!
    Un très bon weekend et à bientôt!

  3. Great post! Thanks for including my brain cupcake in your re-cap. I'm so glad to see other people's posts and pictures from Cupcake Camp London because as a sponsor, I wasn't really able to walk around and see or take pictures of all the other cakes there. Your cupcakes look amazing! I didn't see them on the day, but I applaud you for bringing them all the way to London. I've just blogged my Cupcake Camp London re-cap here ( http://www.madewithpink.com/2010/11/cupcake-camp-london-halloween-2010.html ) if you're interested. Glad to read your thoughts on Love bakery as well. I still haven't been, but am hoping to go sometime this month. They look amazing!

  4. I absolutely adore the Halloween cupcakes! They are brilliant! Congratulations to all for coming up with such good ideas, simple still enormously effective! They will definitively be on my list for next year... a bit far away but at least it gives me time to practice as i am not the best cook in the world! But I guess that nobody would mind even if I produce some sort of horror...after that's the fun of Hallowen isn't it!:))

  5. Aaaaaah, lol screams in delight. Im so shocked to see my cupcakes here on your blog, and so pleased. I was not expecting that! Thanks ever so much for the shout out, I had so much fun preparing for cupcake camp london and helping to raise a bit for a good cause.

    swissybuns aka Samantha Brown