09 March 2011

Enjoy the Silence

Fire table 5! I have several pots on the stove simmering and some close to boiling - I wanted to share with you some of the projects that I have coming down the pike.

First off in a few days time, I should be taking delivery of my brand spanking new website! It's been in the works for quite some time now but delayed due to unexpected complications in the coding. As you can imagine, I am very eager to get my hot little hands on it. I hope you'll find it much easier to find the essential cupcake information you need and the menu will be much more interactive. A bonus to French users is that the text has been entirely proofed by my mother-in-law so you won't be seeing any of the ridiculous grammatical mistakes I often make (that my husbands loves to rib me about!). Keep your eyes on this space for the big reveal coming soon....

Speaking of my horrendous French, I was interviewed by Paris Business Club on BFM Radio last week. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about my background and my business, and was happy that the story of my copycat was one of the main topics explored in the interview. If anything, I hope to share my tale so that others won't have to suffer by making the same mistake I did.

I was recently contacted by a film distribution company to work on a project for an upcoming movie release. I am really excited about this but I don't want to share all the juicy details just yet. Just know there will be something cool in it for all of you! I'm attending a private screening of the film next week with the actors, directors, etc. and I'm really looking forward to this amazing opportunity.

I'll be in the US next month to do some research for another upcoming project and I'm also going back to school for a day...I am giddy with anticipation for my private lesson with one of New York's premiere Master Cake Decorators! Unfortunately this means I will be unavailable for orders and events for most of the month. But for those who have already booked in weddings and such for later this Spring, I am hoping to wow you with all the new skills and techniques I pick up.

Last but not least, the very preliminary planning for Cupcake Camp Paris II is underway. It's too early to discuss any details but we are tentatively shooting for a date at la rentree. If you are a restaurant or club owner located in Central Paris and you would be interested in hosting this event, please do get in touch. Bryan and I have enlisted the help of fellow cupcake afficianado, Nicolette of the blog Cafe Creme, to help with the organization. More to come on this in coming months.

A few of the other pots I have going need some more seasoning and cook time before I can plate those dishes for you but things are certainly heating up in the Sugar Daze kitchen this year! I'll try to post when I have some interesting news to share but don't be surprised if you encounter some radio silence from time to time.


  1. SO SO excited for Cupcake Camp 2!!! Hope I can participate again :) Can't wait to see you unroll the new website. You deserve a break in April, enjoy it!

  2. serious excitement ahead!!! is it Ron Ben-Israel???? whoever it is, you will learn sooo much and that will be so exciting. i should really look into a class somewhere, preferably in a fun destination like NY!!

    great pics of your cupcakes too...! ^__^

  3. Oh my gosh! The cupcakes are soooo beautiful! Is there any cupcake decorating university? 'Cause these look so professional and cute, elegant and unique! Amazing :)