27 April 2011

The Winner Takes It All

A few months back, my friend Lindsey told me about a contest on Martha Stewart's site. Entitled the Cutest Cupcakes of 2010, I decided I had a few contestants that fit the bill including my Thanksgiving turkeys made for La Mom's TV appearance on M6. I promptly submitted them along with 1-2 others and could NOT believe it when about a month ago, I was contacted by one of Martha's peeps informing me I was a winner! That's right, my turkey cupcakes were selected as one of the 20 winning (or cutest) cupcakes among hundreds of entries received! I can't tell you how tickled pink I am to have received this nod from Martha and her team! What did I win? A copy of Martha's Cupcake Book of course - I only wish she had autographed it before it was sent out! Oh, and an appearance on Martha's site along with the 19 other winners (congratulations to you all!); I'm slide #11.

1 comment:

  1. Your cupcakes were winners long before Martha Stewart discovered them, Cat. Congrats. Those turkey cupcakes are among the cutest I have ever seen.

    So if I eat a cupcake will I stop hearing that dang ABBA song on my mental jukebox? ;-)