21 May 2011

And You Hip-Hop, and You Don't Stop Just Blast Off, Sure Shot

According to experts, today's the day. The Rapture, Apocalypse, Doomsday, the End of the World....Me? I'll be baking cupcakes til the very end. I've got a batch of carrot cake ones in the oven right now as I type this. What will you be doing to prepare for the end?

My friend (and fellow Cupcake Camp Paris organizer), Bryan posted a very funny article yesterday about what he will be doing when the end comes. Go check it out - if you are not among the roughly 3 million people who will be saved today, you have approximately 5 months til meeting your fate!

If yesterday was my last "normal" day on this earth, well, then I am glad I was able to spend it doing some of my favorite things. Like hanging out with my kids, having a nice dinner with my hubby and baking all sorts of chocolatey goodness (pictured here).

I'm off this weekend to celebrate a different kind of rapture -- my wedding anniversary. Hope to see you all back here next week! If not, well, it's been nice knowing you all.....


  1. Your cupcakes are little sweet treats straight from heaven! Gorgeous!!
    Have a happy weekend xx

  2. The Oreo cake is wonderful and the stars on the cupcakes are beautiful!