18 June 2011

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues

I'm about to run get another wedding cake prepped but wanted to share some pictures of the cake and cupcakes I made for a wedding in the country yesterday. I was hired by Kim of Parisian Events who is a real doll and what a professional! If it's your dream to get married in France, Kim is your girl. One of her specialties is cutting through all the red tape for foreigners who want to tie the knot in the City of Light. See her featured here in a recent issue of the New York Times Magazine.

The inspiration for the theme of the wedding was peacocks. And Kim had a clear vision of what she wanted the desserts to look like. I replicated a contrasting teal/green color theme Kim had seen on some cupcakes created by Coco Cakes. And because I loved the effect so much, carried it over to the cake which was also covered in simple rose swirls. Looking at it, I was taken back to the funny swim bonnets the ladies used to wear in the '50's and '60's. The cake and the cupcakes are simple Vanilla Lovers.

Here's a shot of the set-up I took off of Kim's Instagram account. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of the happy day!


  1. i LOVE that rose decor on the main cake!

  2. That is to die for. So precious.

  3. You did it again, my dear! And luckily, we were able to save your artistry from the rain! :) Thanks for the shout-out, and here's to a steady, sunny and SANE rest-of-the-wedding-season!!


  4. What icing tip did you use for the roses??? Thats amazing!!