04 July 2011

Oh Say Can You See?

Happy July 4th everyone! This is (along with Halloween & Thanksgiving) one of my FAVORITE American holiday. It always makes me a little blue to spend it in Paris. But thankfully, I have a lot of expat friends (and some Brits to boot!) who are just as sentimental as I am and who like to join me in some patriotic festivities. As in years past, we'll be meeting up at our local park with the kiddies and all sorts of sweet and savory snacks to share. And you can be sure we'll be dressed up in red, white and blue! Who says we can't do the 4th in style in gay Paree?

I'll be missing the BBQs and of course the fireworks in the US today but am happy to be sharing some good old American treats like these red velvet whoopie pies and cupcakes baked in cones (something I have always wanted to try). Enjoy your 4th wherever you may be.

1 comment:

  1. Those whoopie pies and cupcakes in cones are GORGEOUS! And trust me, your Fourth will be way more festive than ours here in Southern New England, though the spouse is smoking a whole mess of ribs, which I am looking forward to.