02 November 2011

Disarm You With a Smile

Back when me and all my friends were into Madonna and Duran Duran and Berlin (Oh god, Terri Nunn was so cool and she always had the most awesome hued hair), we used all kinds of crazy stuff to add color to our hair, just like our favorite celebrities. My preferred product? My mom's Jolene (wow, did that stuff smell bad) which stripped the pigment from my hair wherever it was applied (and also left my hair dry and damaged beyond belief!)...and then in later years, Sun In. You all remember this stuff? I had a good friend with naturally blonde hair and Sun In gave her these really cool white-blonde highlights. On my chestnut hair, I ended up with these really brassy, orange streaks. I spent an entire summer being taunted by friends who nicknamed me "Pumpkinhead." To this day, I still can't even think of pumpkins without this moniker being dredged up in my memories!

Today I made a cake for a girl who is getting married who goes by the name "Pumpkin." I tried to find out from her friends why they call her this but they just started cracking up so I didn't push it. They wanted a really nice, girly cake on the outside for her bachelorette's party and something a little more colorful and loud on the inside. This was a small 10-person cake with one layer of pumpkin cake and one layer of chocolate cake covered in salted caramel buttercream and fondant. Note, I don't typically do fondant-covered cakes but apparently Pumpkin wanted it and who was I to deny my fellow pumpkin-y friend? Enjoy girls!

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