03 March 2009

Getting By With a Little Help from (My) Friends

Paris may be a rather large city, but the expat community here is fairly close-knit. When something new or noteworthy happens, word spreads like wildfire. Such was the case last week when a friend phoned to inform me that the baby boy of one of the local moms was deathly ill and in the hospital. "They almost lost him," were the words that made my blood run cold and I pulled my children close to me in an embrace that was a little bit longer, a little bit tighter than usual when I hung up the phone. As a mother, nothing gets to me more than a tale of tragedy, neglect, abuse, etc. where the victim is a child.

The child in this case is the only boy of 5 siblings and not even a year old. With my friend and her husband spending most of the past week in the hospital, some of their close friends put out a call to those of us in the neighborhood to provide childcare, do some shopping or cook up a warm meal.

I volunteered to do dinner duty for them tonight and whenever else it may be needed. For dessert, I baked a batch of cupcakes as I tend to think of them as a comforting treat in a time of trouble. Just as important as the taste, I wanted them to look good so my friend would have something pretty to come home to after so many hours spent in the cold, sterile hospital environment.

And for the kids still at home, I was thinking of something whimsical and fun -- this must be such a terrifying experience for them.

Last week, I joked about cupcakes helping to find a cure for cancer. If only life could be so simple. This post is dedicated to my friend's son, Baby P, who has been in my thoughts and in those of so many people this past week. I hope he is back home soon where he belongs, and I wish him a long, happy and above all, healthy life -- something all of our children deserve.

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  1. Hi Cat,

    So sorry to hear about your friends' son.... I am sending my prayers to him and his family.... I know how hard things are at a time like this...
    All my best,

  2. These are cute cupcakes! You're such a kind friend to do this for them. I said a little prayer for you friend's son. =)

  3. What a lovely thing to do for a family in a very hard time for them. I am sure your cupcakes were a little brightness in what was surely a dim day. Very thoughtful. I hope the little boy is ok.

  4. I agree. You are a good friend, and a heck of a baker, and I hope the little boy recovers soon.

  5. Thanks to all of you for your comments. A friend who did school pick-up for the siblings saw the white boxes and said, "looks like you are having cupcakes for dessert." The kids broke out into huge smiles which was the intent! My friend's son seems to be on the mend. He's still in ICU but making some progress. Thank you on his behalf for your well wishes.

  6. No doubt your baking provided care and support to the family.

    I'll say a prayer for Baby P's quick and complete recovery. I'm so sorry to hear that little boy is in hospital.

    You're a wonderful friend.