12 March 2009

A Week of Firsts

First word, first tooth, first day of school, first sleepover, first crush, first kiss and so on - there are so many firsts each of us will experience. Precious moments and milestones that leave their mark on us as we travel through this amazing journey called life.

I witnessed two firsts this week. First was my daughter's first steps. She's 18 months old and so a little behind compared to her older brother's progress. For weeks, she's been practicing standing up and sitting down; many of her "peers" have graduated to running at this point though I'd just figured she'd get there in her own sweet time. So, when she finally stood up, looked around and took those first tentative steps, it was a heart-warming moment and I actually did tear up. She was so proud of herself, as I was, though convincing her to do it again so her Papa and big brother can see has been a lost cause.

On Thursday, my son came bounding out of school and told me to close my eyes as he handed me something in a paper envelope. I flipped it over and written across the front was "Tres Important - la Dent de S" (Very Important - S's Tooth). His first baby tooth had finally fallen out and he was so excited, he ran around the entire playground showing the envelope to anyone who gave him even the slightest hint of attention. That night, the "petite souris" or "little mouse" as it is known here paid a visit (though I'll always call her the tooth fairy), leaving some euro behind.

(Here's a question for your parents out there, just how much does the tooth fairy leave in your house? Husband and I had a lengthy debate about this with the conversation finishing with the conclusion that I am cheap!!!). Anyway, my son was pleased as punch with the tooth fairy's offering as it meant he could buy some Bakugan, which is all the rage now, supplanting the Gormiti, of which we have amassed quite a collection. Ebay anyone?

Which brings me to this post which celebrates another first. Today's cupcake occasion is Owen's first birthday. Owen is a friend's son and one of the cutest munchkins I've seen with these big chipmunk cheeks you just want to give a little squeeze to. I figured something with duckies and elephants were in order as well as these cute lion cupcakes I saw in my new-favorite cupcake cookbook: Hello Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. Happy Birthday, Owen!

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  1. Awwwwwww.... Sooo cute! I love your cupcakes! Congrats on your daughter's first steps (YAY!) and your son's first lost tooth!! I bet he's happy. I have the book that you posted, too! Have a nice night!

  2. Cute! Yay to first things!

    I love the lion cupcakes, they are special! I also love the white cupcakes with the candle and sprinkles, sometimes simple is just so effective!


  3. I discover your blog...I love it!!! I went to NY for 6 months and since January I'm back in Belgium but I miss this city and her delicious cupcakes and others food specialities a lot.
    Thank you for sharing your NY life and Cupcakes stories. I like to read it. I take your blog in my best.
    (sorry for my ENglish, but it's why I was in NY ;-))