19 June 2009

Upside Down You're Turning Me....

It's the final haul before the end of the school year and it has been absolute madness here in the Little Miss Cupcake kitchen. Between end of the school year parties, graduations, birthdays, etc., my phone has not stopped ringing and I've been churning out cupcakes left and right. But you know what? I could NOT be having more fun with it! So as I am already thinking about all that needs to be done before we take off on summer holidays, I wanted to thank all of you who have supported and encouraged me this year. I'll be closing up shop for a good part of the summer and look forward to more baking adventures at the rentree.

For those of you who are interested, I will actually be in NYC over the summer and am looking forward to checking out some of the cupcake shops that have opened since I was last home such as Sweet Revenge, Butter Lane and ChickaLicious Dessert Club. If you know of some cupcakes I should definitely try in the Big Apple, leave me a reply here or shoot me an email.

Without further ado, I present the highlights of the week....

The week started off with cupcakes for Natalie's boy who was turning 1. She requested an assortment off my Black & Whites menu. I find that no matter how many exotic flavor combinations I can dream up, these chocolate and vanilla combinations are the most frequently ordered.

Next came an order for an employee at Bank of America who was celebrating 40 years on the job. Now that's what I call company loyalty! The party was a surprise so her colleagues snuck me into their corporate kitchen when she wasn't around. I can tell you that trying to hide while carrying 2 cupcake couriers is no easy feat!

On Wednesday, I made cupcakes for Eleonora who is turning 18 this weekend and graduating from secondary school! Way to go! Her mom swung by to pick up the cupcakes which she was then transporting to Monte Carlo by car. They were for a party happening Friday and I just hope they survived the trip. I am feeling so snazzy as this is probably the farthest my cupcakes have traveled (and definitely the ritziest destination)!

She had a hard time deciding what flavors to choose so I made an assortment of Black & Whites as well as After Eight, Caramel Dolce, Cookies n Cream, Chocobutter, and Strawberry Chocolate Berry Berry Good cupcakes. She requested the all pink and red theme.

Last weekend, Cupcakes Take the Cake hosted a cupcake meet-up in Central Park and if you follow their blog, you must have seen the cupcake kebobs one attendee made for the event. I pilfered the idea for my son's class picnic. (UPDATE: Holy cupcake kebobs, Batman! I just learned this pic below was selected as one the of the 500 most awesome/interesting pictures of the day on Flickr: Explore!!)

I made mini cupcakes in a variety of flavors: Sweet Thai O Mine, Raspberry Berry Berry Good, Storm, Rogue, Vanilla Lovers, Le 4H Gouter and After Eight and the skewered them with different marshmallow candies.

They were a huge success - in fact one mom went so far as to cover them up with a towel because it was the only thing the kids were eating despite there being a number of other cakes and desserts lying around. If you're looking for a fun, colorful snack for a kids' party that is sure to be gobbled up, these are so simple and will be gone before you know it.

This evening a gal I know is hosting a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research. She wanted something very simple and pink. I thought the simple pink ribbon on chocolate buttercream would be a nice touch.

I am also donating a gift of a Little Miss Cupcake party pack to an auction being held at the event. The winning bidder will receive 2 dozen specially-themed cupcakes for a future party. If you are attending, I say bid high and frequently! It is for a good cause after all!

Lastly, here are some cupcakes for Marie-Anne who is hosting a baby shower for a pregnant girlfriend who is expecting twins.

I adore how these came out. So pretty and pink. The decorations are flowers, tiaras and "gigoteuses" which are a sleep sack people put their babies in here.

In France, you call a girlie girl a "fi-fille." I did a play on words by writing "fille fille" on some. And my husband suggested a twist on Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation with a "Joie = fille2" or "joy = girls squared."

Oh I'll be back soon with some more cupcakes before we officially leave on holiday. And an early Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

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  1. wow you surely were busy! I like all your cupcakes.

  2. I've never heard of cupcake kebobs before. I love them! They are so cute!

  3. Wow! You have been a very busy girl! I am so happy for you that your business is booming, it couldn't happen to a more cupcake dedicated and very lovely person! :)

  4. Hi Cat!

    My, You HAVE been busy! I LOVE all of your cupcakes! BTW, I'm now "officially" on hiatus for the summer, as I'll be in Cali in just 6 short days from now and busy with many things... Come visit me at my California blog--- I will most likely be visiting cupcakeries all over the state! Take care and hope to see you on Sunday!