05 July 2009

It's These Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

My final order before I skip off on vacation is complete. If you follow me here or on twitter (@lttlmisscupcake), you know that I have been kind of agonizing and kind of excited about the challenge of adapting one of my recipes for a kid who has allergies to dairy and eggs. This meant no butter or milk or any by-products in the cupcakes (buh-bye buttercream, fondant, etc.).

His mom did say he was okay with cooked eggs so I was able to get one into the batter. I made an old standby recipe for chocolate cupcakes that calls for oil instead of butter. And I 86ed the buttermilk in favor of homemade buttermilk made with goat's milk. I'm using some of the goat's milk now in my morning cereal and thinking it's probably an acquired taste.

The topping is simple sugar glaze, like you coat Christmas cookies with - made with goat's milk and icing sugar. The decorations proved to be the hardest part of the order. Marshmallows, which I use to make fondant, contain gelatin and since there was no way of knowing if that came for cows or pigs, were off-limits. I figured paper toppers would be cool, especially since the birthday boy loves planes and it was a requisite part of the order. Would you believe I visited every stationary store and magazine stand in my neighborhood and couldn't find plane stickers? Thankfully, the birthday boy's mom came to the rescue and supplied me with these that she had stashed away. It was a challenge to get these to come together, but I am quite pleased with the results and hope Finn is too!

I've been spouting off about my vacation for some time now. Well, the time has come; we ship out today. I wanted to take a minute to show off these other transport themed cupcakes I made last week for an order. These were for 2 boys, turning 3 & 4.

Their mom had bid on the Little Miss Cupcake party pack I had donated for a breast cancer research charity event. I was delighted when she called me the very next day to claim her prize.

These were lots of fun to make and I hope the boys liked them too.

I'll try to check in from the beach and show you some of the local specialties we enjoy in Brittany like salted caramel - yum! We're back in Paris at the end of July before our trip to NY so be sure to get in touch if you want to recommend any cupcake bakeries for me to check out in Manhattan and the Jersey shore. Just a reminder, I'll be taking limited orders for the 20-30 July period and will be closed for the entire month of August. Keep cool and enjoy your summer!


  1. Enjoy the Holiday. Those cupcakes look nice. I must have been difficult to make them dairy free but you did it :)

  2. You are so creative! Will you come to my home and do all of my baking? Those are absolutely beautiful!

  3. SO CUTE!

    I just found you... and you haven't updated in two months. Please come back!

  4. Thanks all! We are having a wonderful time at the beach though I am missing baking! Molly Jean - my date format is European so in fact this post was from July 5 and not May 7 as you understood it. I'll be back soon!