04 July 2009

These Colors Don't Run, but the Frosting Might!

The temperature has just hit a balmy 80 degrees here in Paris (in the shade). It's our coolest day on record this week!

We're getting ready to head out to the parc for some snacks and play with our fellow American, and Brit, and Aussie, and French friends! Everyone loves a holiday and I love to share traditions from my American culture.

Sadly, we won't have fireworks this evening but we will have lots of American goodies on-hand. Friends will be bringing potato salad, caramel corn, brownies, rice kripsies treats, watermelon, and other traditional picnic food. I'm bringing along some Red Velvets topped with a simple, unpretentious vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. It doesn't get any better than this!

Maybe they'll have the sprinkles turned on for the kids to run around in and we can pretend for just one minute that we are back home enjoying the patriotic vibe and getting ready to see the fireworks show. But maybe we'll just be a group of fun-loving Americans, Brits, Aussies, French and whoever else cares to join us, dressed up in red, white and blue, honoring the good ole USA on a fine summer day!

Happy 4th of July to you no matter where you may be! Be safe, have fun, and keep it sweet!

xx Little Miss Cupcake


  1. Have a nice holiday. These cupcakes look nice and delicious

  2. Sounds like an awesome party, hope you have a lovely time! :)