30 September 2009

When You Come Crash. Into Me, Baby.

According to doubletongued.org,

Smash Cake
n. a celebratory cake intended to be destroyed, especially by a child.

I did a smash cake this past weekend for Alex's birthday. I am definitely not a cake master, thus the name "Little Miss Cupcake," but I have lots of requests for these cakes so decided I'd try my hand at it. This is a vanilla bean cake with caramel buttercream - a cake version of my Caramel Dolce cupcake. It's decorated with some of Alex's favorite things: balls, cars and a plane. The accompanying mini cupcakes were prepared with a similar theme in After Eight, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and Berry Berry Good varieties.

Overall, I was pleased with how it came out design-wise. I figured any shortcomings would be compensated for with the taste. Alex's mom was kind enough to write me to say, "thank you again for the wonderful cake and cupcakes. They are DELICIOUS and the kids LOVED the little cars, balls, and ESPECIALLY your plane. The moms woo-ed and ahhh-ed as well." So mission accomplished on this one!

Here's a test cake I did just for practice with some oversized peas at the base. I'll get that right next time. It's an orange spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

And for the Dave Matthews fans out there, this is one of my favorite songs and I thought a fitting choice for the subject of this post! :)


  1. How cute - I'm sure the birthday boy loved his cake. All of the cake flavours sound so delicious!

  2. Your blog is awesome! I also love baking, keep up the good work! : )