20 September 2009

It Aint Easy Being Green

Unless you are a cupcake. A vegan cupcake like the ones pictured here that I baked up this past week. 100% vegan, 110% delicious, and bio/organic to boot. They could almost be called the good for you cupcakes!

I get many, many requests from people with dietary restrictions, allergies, particular eating habits, etc. asking if I can accommodate their needs. The simple answer is yes. To me, life without cupcakes would be oh so sad, so just because you have nut allergies or milk allergies or just plain don't like eating things that come from a cow, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy all that cupcake yumminess.

Here are some carrot cake cupcakes I made this week without nuts.

So, if you've given up on cupcakes cause you think there's nothing for you, give me a try. The world is so much rosier when seen through cupcake-tinted glasses! ;P


  1. These look delicious, and it's so cool you can accomodate everyone. No one should have to live without cupcakes! :)

  2. delicious! those with carrots are adorable :)

  3. "No one should have to live without cupcakes! :)" I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for your sweet comments!

  4. I love it - life would be empty without cupcakes :P

  5. Hi!! I saw your recent comment on David Lebovitz's site & popped over here. I live in the 19th arr. and would LOVE to have a cupcake one day! Thing is, I am gluten-intolerant. Have you made any cupcakes that are gluten-free?

    I just ran into this wonderful woman's site not long ago. Charlotte, who is from the UK, is a *very* friendly gluten-free cupcake baker. Her creations are lovely, and she is gaining quite a reputation in the UK as a specialty baker of gluten-free "fairy cakes." (I love how they are called that!)


    I know there are a lot of tourists and native Parisians that have Celiac Disease and other problems with gluten intolerance. One frustration of gluten-free travelers is finding places to have goodies while in the city. I have been trying to keep a blog about some of my gluten-free adventures in Paris and then link up to sites and blogs which blog about gluten-free travel -- I am both observing and getting a lot of interest about this on my own blog and the blog sites of others.

    I thought I would mention it here as having some gluten-free options could be a niche for you for all those dessert-hungry people that are looking for gluten-free food in the city!

    Your cupcakes are gorgeous, I hope to stop by one day, and thanks for keeping a blog! I am truly impressed!