26 November 2009

Thank You!

Earlier this month, the anglophone community in Paris lost one of its own - a young mom who left behind 3 very young children and a loving partner. She touched many lives and her tragic loss has been a sad reminder to us all of how very lucky we are. I'm feeling a bit retrospective today as I count my blessings and am thankful for every day I live on this planet, happy, healthy and enjoying the precious moments spent with my family who I love so dearly.

Here are a few more things I am grateful: the warm sun on my back on a cold winter day; French cheese and wine, baguette and chocolate; cupcakes and the fact that I get to make them almost every day; good friends - new and old - made over the years here in Paris and those we left behind in the US; the love of a good man; my son's jokes, his crooked smile, the fact that he had no cavities on his first trip to the dentist this week despite his suspect brushing habits, his energy and his endless curiosity; my daughter's hugs, the smile she greets the day with every day, how she loves to sing and dance, her keen fashion sense (at 2!), her love of all things girly (although she was yelling for a Caterpillar to truck the other day), and all the funny things she says as she is learning new words every day (like Halloween, Tinkle Feet).

I am grateful for having spent the summer at the beach & in the US and seeing my oldest friend get married; I am grateful for Hank Moody, Ari Gold, Dr. Christian Troy and Detective Vic Mackey; for the roof over my head, for the warm boots that keep my feet toasty, for reaching 40, and for 8 years of marriage and counting. I am grateful for Robert Downey Jr., and Quentin Tarantino, Daniel Craig as the new 007 and Joaquin Phoenix (though I wish he would lose that scruff). I am grateful for all the bakers I have met, albeit virtually, over the past year or so on Facebook, Twitter, cupcake blogs, etc. It's comforting to know that if I was dropped any place on any continent, I would probably be able to find someone to take me in, feed me cupcakes and help me out. And, I am grateful for all the fans who have supported me and my cupcakes since I started out on this adventure.

I am grateful for every day I wake up and get to live the life I live and for every night that I tuck the kids in, bring them water and give them goodnight kisses before climbing into my comfy bed with the man I love.

May you and your families find love, peace, laughter and of course turkey (!) at your Thanksgiving tables today. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. What are you grateful for?

xx Little Miss Cupcake

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  1. wonderful post! Slightly resembles my own Thanksgiving blog post! I'd love your comments on it.

    Petite Anglaise was running a giveaway in honor of the very woman you speak of - a signed copy of her new book. The proceeds went entirely toward the family. I was happy to participate. Wishing you and your family, as well as all of your readers, a very happy thanksgiving!