15 November 2009

It's All Mixed Up

Living in a foreign country can be rather comical at times. I find that common cultural misunderstandings can happen when you least expect them. About a week ago, I received an order from a group of French gals who wanted to fete their good friend's upcoming nuptials to an American with a good old-fashioned bridal shower. The only problem was that couldn't quite wrap their heads around what one did at a shower, and if it really involved putting their friend in the shower. Now, when I heard that I almost peed my pants. Seriously! Luckily, I was able to explain to them what the shower is all about and gave them a bunch of traditional party games to play as well.

They wanted something simple yet elegant; the sole request was I use Tiffany blue in the cupcakes. These are Vanilla Lovers with yellow and white buttercream and blue fondant flowers.

Speaking of mixed up, I also baked Halloween cupcakes for an order yesterday...the 14th of November. They were for a woman who owns a golf club here in France. I guess she wanted to throw a party but couldn't find the time til now. I think it's safe to say that will officially be my last batch of Halloween 2009 cupcakes....for now!


  1. how cute :) wish to receive cupcakes like these for my birthday :)

  2. Too cute for words! Both the cupcakes and the story.

    I'm handing on an award to you, do swing by the blog to pick it up :)


  3. Hehe, I can imagine how things can get lost in translation! I think these cupcakes are pretty high up there in my favourites of yours. I love the colours and the two colour layer swirls!