14 December 2009

2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide - Extended & Remixed

So, in preparing this post, I took a gander at last year's gift guide and have to say that a) I still stand behind every item listed and b) I made a pretty good dent in said list over the past 12 months as I personally stocked up on most of the items. I still don't own that Magic Alhambra necklace but maybe this year my husband will get the hint! Ahem....

I've spent the past few weeks scouring the web looking for the best and brightest stars for this year's 2nd Annual Little Miss Cupcake Holiday Gift Guide. There's stuff here for every budget so if you have a cupcake lover in your life, there's really no excuse. Oh, and did I mention there's a give-away? That's right, free stuff. So if you want to skip all the good gift ideas I spent hours putting together for you, that's fine, go ahead, I'm not going to twist your arm into reading this. Scroll on down to the end of the post to find out how you can win some free cupcake merch.

For those of you who bake, I can think of no simpler joy than having access to fine, quality ingredients. Two products that I have discovered over this past year are Vosges chocolate bars, especially their Exotic line which are delicious fresh out of the wrapper or say, melted and mixed into your favorite buttercream, and Blue Cattle Truck Mexican Vanilla. I am dying to get my hands on a bottle of the latter (hint, hint to any of you who may be coming for a visit) but I have it from a good source that this stuff cannot be beat when it comes to vanilla. It's anything but plain old....

Next up is an item I have been coveting for a while: A KitchenAid Stand Mixer. There is a brand new 90th anniversary version out with a glass bowl - which brings cupcake making design to a whole new level! But I just love, love, love this turquoise blue one. If Santa left me one of these under the tree, I would be very happy and I'd be sure to bake up something pretty on Christmas Day!

Speaking of baking something pretty, do you know the site: Bake It Pretty? I can guarantee that any cupcake fan would love just about anything they offer. (And if they don't, well heck, feel free to box it up and regift it to me!) I'm especially in love with their baking cups. Aren't they just gorgeous!

Pretty cupcakes need something pretty to be served on. The tiered cupcake platters may be bulky but they certainly do provide a nice presentation for your cupcake bakers' goods. This one is from Waterford and would be perfect for the holidays:

Or if you'd prefer something a little less formal, how about these adorable plates from Bright & Bold?

For the ultimate statement in cupcake presentation, why not plunk down your serving platter (and/or your fanny) on this awesome cupcake furniture from Jellio. Here's their cupcake end table. Click the link above to see the cute coordinating cupcake seat.

There are a number of varied adorable hand-made goods on Etsy that feature cupcakes. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Cute cotton kitchen towels from shamsandcoverups who is offering free shipping now through December 19th.

A quilted cupcake coloring wallet would be a great place to doodle new cupcake designs. This one from RetroRugrats can even be monogrammed!

If I could figure out a way to get this shipped to me without it going missing in the post, this cupcake addiction wall art would be tops on my list from the Etsy Marketpklace. It comes from seller Beepart.

Since I have a little girl, I easily fall in love with anything cupcake-related for her. Two things that caught my eye recently are this sweet cupcake pillow from Norajane,

and this "really loud but I can't but help but love it anyway" cupcake birthday outfit from Glitzglambowtique.

If wearing cupcakes is more your thing, can I recommend a tee-shirt promoting some of the hottest cupcake bakers out there? My faves (and i have ordered two of these already for myself) come from Jess at Australia's Sugadeaux Cupcakes whose cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard; Las Vegas' Retro Bakery founded by husband & wife team Brian and Kari where it's all about the buttercream; and Chicago's own tattooed mama and baker extraordinaire, Natalie of Bake & Destroy. Rock these with pride!

If tee-shirts just don't do it for you, you can accessorize in style with all these cupcake accoutrements:

I am loving Betsey Johnson's cupcake earrings.

If you want something less flashy, how about these studs from Johnny Cupcakes? I bet they could double as cufflinks in a pinch.

Tiffany has a nice little cupcake bling on offer this year....

And if you really want to dress to impress there's this cupcake bag from Judith Leiber:

But really nothing would make more of a statement about your love of cupcakes than when you pull up in your very own cupcake car from Neiman Marcus!

Last but not least, so that I can get the hubby over here to check out this list and find out what I really want, here's something for him. It doesn't have any cupcakes on it, but designer Patricia Fields calls it a "cupcake ruffle" tank top. Hope your happy, honey! Do I really want one? Only if it comes with a KitchenAid stand mixer to prop it up on....

Alright, I hope you have enjoyed this list and now for the free stuff. To wish you all a very Happy Holiday, I am giving away two (2) copies of the Karen Tack & Alan Richardson Hello, Cupcake 2010 Wall Calendar.

This contest is open to residents of the Continental US (sorry Alaska & Hawaii), the United Kingdom and France. The contest will end at 12 noon Paris time on 24 December, 2009. To enter, leave me a comment below telling me what you are hoping to find under your tree or menorah this year (cupcake-related or not). Make sure you leave your email or blog name so I know how to reach you if you've won. And for 2 extra chances to win, 1) become a follower of my blog, and 2) become a fan of my Facebook page. Okay now go get your cupcake on!


  1. Well luckily I don't have much work to do for this giveaway since I "follow" you everywhere!

    Ok what do I really want this year? Something untangible, I want the business I work for to take off!! Igenuity pays off eventually!

    Tangible gift wish? I would love the graphics program InDesign because it's super expensive and powerpoint just doesn't cut it for formatting!

    Being really greedy now.... I'd love a years supply of LMC cupcakes but then I'd need a gastric bypass operation in the end. So is it a gift or a curse?

    In all seriousness, I am in need of a new calendar for 2010 so this one would be perfect!

  2. I'm hoping for a new pair of roller blades and a wii. The calendar would be cool too. Pick me!

  3. I want everything on your page! I would love to get the cupcake table but failing that I'd be happy to find anything that helps me with my cake business in 2010. I finish my day job on Christmas Eve so the world is my (cupcake)oyster after that!!


  4. I am hoping for a spa certificate this year. This past semester has been really stressful, and there is a lot planned for the next. I want to make the most of this winter break! :)

  5. My wish list includes the new cake magazine from Cake Central. I'd love a trip to Paris to check out your shop but that will remain a wish for now. I do already follow you on facebook and will soon join the blog as I just opened an account with google. Merry Christmas!

  6. Two words: Tiffany cupcake! I'm actually hoping my boyfriend will propose to me for Christmas. He keeps hinting he has something really special planned. It would be so much better than any gift money can buy. I'm going to send you an email so you know how to contact me. I love your blog by the way - your cupcakes are so beautiful! Happy Holidays, Rebecca

  7. Under my tree this year, I hope to find a new Urban Decay eye shadow! :)

  8. An electric gui-tar! Love your cupcakes!

  9. I would like to enter for my daughter. She loves cupcakes and would like to learn how to make them. When do you offer cours? Thank you, Cecile cgerome@free.fr

  10. I've been pretty blessed this year and the only thing missing is a coupon for a total makeover of my appartment by professionals (painting, rewiring, the works).

    So that's what I hope Santa will bring!

  11. free subscriptions to all my favorite fashion magazines? a pair of jimmy choos? anything from uniqlo? a cupcake calendar would make me happy too!

  12. I'm hoping for a pony! No, seriously though, one thing I'd really love would be nice warm robe to wrap myself in when I wake up on chilly mornings. Here's hoping Santa reads blog comments!

  13. I'd love to find a ticket to the U.S. to visit my mom. Or the Tiffany cupcake charm!

  14. i LOVE the tiffany cupcake charm ! but what i really would love (it's too late for christmas) is for my husband & i to fall pregnant. we've been trying to have a baby for a while now and still no luck :( but we're not giving up hope ! best wishes to you & your family for the festive season. corina.mini@gmail.com

  15. Congratulations to Meghan and Rebecca, who are the winners of a 2010 Hello, Cupcake! Calendar. Thanks to everyone who participated and hope you all find what you are hoping for under the tree tomorrow morning. Peace & Prosperity in 2010!

    xxx Little Miss Cupcake
    PS Meghan, pls. send me an email at info@littlemisscupcake.fr with your mailing details. I can't access your profile through Blogger. Thanks!