06 December 2009

I Think I'll Go On a Walkabout

This post is non-cupcake related. Well at least the edible kind. About a month ago I won a gorgeous hand-made tote bag in a contest on the blog: Apparently Jessy.

Jessy and I have been corresponding for about a year now via our blogs and twitter. She is a very kind soul living Down Under and an amazingly talented girl. In addition to the beautiful cupcakes she often bakes up and features on her blog, she showcases various home-made items she has created with her own hands, like the tote. Needless to say I was more than thrilled when I learned I had won her 1 year blogiversary contest. Thank you, Jessy!

I know Paris is on Jessy's wishlist of places to visit one day. As Jessy wrote "it's so exciting that my bag is going to be paraded around the streets of Paris!" I'm only sorry that she couldn't have come to deliver the bag in person so she'd have a chance to visit my adopted city.

Yesterday, my son and I were out and about to visit the Christmas Market on the Champs Elysees and check out a potential venue for his upcoming birthday. I was of course carrying my new tote and with the help of my son took some pics to show Jessy all the fabulous places her bag has been! Like La Madeleine...


...Place de la Concorde...

Hey, that's the Eiffel Tower in the background!

On to the Pyramid at the Louvre.

And, the Grand Palais (yes, *that* place Prince just sold out in 4 days after he was hit by inspiration and a burning desire to rock the joint)

There are so many other places my new bag has seen but at the fear of exhausting you all, I'll stop here. And so you won't call me cruel to publish a blog post without some tasty treats, this is what we spied in the window of Laduree yesterday - gold leaf macarons. Yum! Who wouldn't want a box of these from Santa?


  1. Very cute idea to parade it around Paris!

  2. Oh Cat! You made me grin ear to ear! I am so happy to see these photos of the cupcake bag in Paris, thank you so much to your son for helping! You both have totally absolutely made me very very happy!