31 January 2010

So Won't You Please Be My, Be My Baby

Feeling some pressure to come up with the perfect Valentine's day gift? Well, I'm going to make it easy for you...like a piece of (cup)cake.

The Little Miss Cupcake Valentine's Day gift box is sure to get you major thumbs up from your darlin', and hey, it's something you can share and enjoy too! As they say good things come in 3s -- this gift box is 3 x 3 special flavors baked up for your special sweetie.

You know I'm such a fool for you, cupcake. Ah, my dear - here's a cupcake you can Linger over. It's a Cranberry & white chocolate chunk cupcake with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and white chocolate heart. Cupcake inspired by The Cranberries "Linger."

La Vie en Rose will transmit your "mots d'amour" as you bite into this velvety smooth pistachio-studded, rose-infused cupcake with rose buttercream topped with conversation hearts. Cupcake inspired by Edith Piaf "La Vie en Rose."

And last but not least, your cheri(e) will be whispering "I need you, I love you" to the luscious Go All the Way (It Feels so Right) combo of swirled raspberry cupcake topped with a milk chocolate buttercream and chocolate /marzipan heart toppers. Cupcake inspired by The Raspberries "Go All the Way."

The Valentine's Day Gift Box of 9 cupcakes (3 of each flavor shown) is available now through the end of February for 35,00 euros. And remember consume with moderation; Little Miss Cupcake can't be held responsible for the actions they elicit in your loved ones. All I can say is...in the words of the famous Marvin Gaye...Let's Get It On....

xxx Little Miss Cupcake


  1. Even sweeter: Guys, How about a trip to Paris with your sweetie to collect your special Little Miss Cupcake Valentine's Day cupcake assortment? :-)

  2. Even sweeter than that, J: I come to your home in the tri-state area and bake them up fresh in your kitchen. Of course a hefty "delivery" fee will apply! :)