02 February 2010

I'm Still Standing Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Just finished watching my segment on France 2's Comment Ca Va Bien and am feeling a bit disappointed. Oh, they edited the film together to make me sound somewhat intelligent in French. And I think the camera only adds about 7 pounds, not 10. At the very end, they made the perfect "oohs" and "ahhs" over the cupcakes I had prepared for the panel and studio audience (some of which are pictured here). I was feeling pretty good about it all and then they took a rather large knife and bore it deep in my back.

Let the cupcake bashing begin! The presenter of the show asked the panel if they thought cupcakes could really make inroads into the French culture and the unanimous opinion was that while they were cute, fun and good for kids' parties, cupcakes are too sweet and "pas bons." What? Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor. Is this coming from the people who brought us the Millefeuille, The Mont Blanc, The Crepe au Nutella et Chantilly? C'mon, people! As the panel members chanted "Vive les Patisseries Francais!," I could practically see them grabbing up their whisks and rolling pins and storming the Bastille, burning a humble cupcake in effigy once they got there.

Now I am a little disenchanted, especially considering that even the gal who came to film the segment with us didn't stand up for the cupcake. She seemed to have a great time with us and ate her fair share while she was there. Oh, but I understand peer pressure and so will forgive her...this one time.

I still had a blast doing the show -- I'm glad to have participated and it was cool to phone around to my friends and tell them to watch me on TV! And regardless of what they have to say, this Paris cupcaker ain't packing up anytime soon. I will hold my head up high and say to the naysayers: Vive les Patisseries Americains! And VIVE LE CUPCAKE!

PS *UPDATE*: The video is up on France 2's site. You need to advance to 35 minutes 45 seconds for the cupcake segment.

PPS For all of you who have been calling and emailing to commiserate, I am so NOT bitter or upset about this. It was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience and if I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing. Okay, maybe I wouldn't have given the presenter my favorite cupcake necklace as a gift when she asked to borrow it but besides that....honestly, thanks all for your support. I thought my cupcakes looked fabulous on camera, I loved having the opportunity to share my passion with the French audience, and I've had a slew of inquiries since the show aired! ;)


  1. It think your cupcakes are adorable!

  2. You are an inspiration! And if it makes you feel any better, people are saying that here in the states too. Cupcakes are just a phase. Phooee! Thank you for what you do! Keep it up! :) Love from Missouri!

  3. The French, particularly Parisians, are such cultural snobs. If you were a "vrai Francaise" they wouldn't have made such a fuss. Too sweet ma derriere.

  4. Every cupcake tells a picture - a special moment in someone's life. They are fun! What nicer way to send someone a special message.

  5. Those adorable dog cupcakes - are they solid icing? They look absolutely incredible. I want one two maybe even three. Now.

  6. So they were basically making their dismissive statements while wiping the icing off their dainty french lips??? Hmmm!

    No surprise you're a good sport about it all and I'm thrilled you got lots of inquiries as a result. Keep up the good baking!

  7. I'm french and i saw the show. The presenter was very bad. A parisian like I hate them. I live in a village far far away from Paris. And I suppose those parisians don't known that other french exist. They critized everybody and everything. That the only thing they can do. I understand your feeling. I had the same. "aucune considération pour la personne qui prend le temps de recevoir et de préparer le reportage, c'est déplorable de leur part"
    Yours cupcakes are great, wonderfull. I apreciate your performance on TV.
    excuse me for my english

  8. Hi Cat!

    I agree with all of the people who commented before me and I esp. LOVED Eve's comment just above.. How sweet!!!
    You know, French pastries are SWEET.. so there is no excuse for "too sweet." Although we know that American pastries contain more sugar content in a lot of the recipes per batch/or two.. then the average French cake..
    I think she was referring to the frosting-- WELL LADY-- frosting is typically sweet, and that's why you eat it WITH the cupcake so it blends the sweet goodness of the frosting and the not so sweet cake... My goodness...
    Everything was great up until the second that lady eat some and said-- Oh, too sweet! Oh.. I have some choice words for her but I won't use them here!!
    You're a great sport, and I wouldn't be surprised if your business flourishes after this show! Your French sounded great and you didn't look 7 or 10 pounds heavier.. You looked GREAT!!!
    So.. just keep on doin' what you do best and I give ya an A+++++ for the whole thing!!
    I give them a 0++++++ for bashing your cupcakes... I felt stabbed in the back, and they weren't even my cupcakes!!! You go girl.. You rock!!!

  9. Thank you everyone for stopping by and for your very kind words. I appreciate the support and am glad to hear that there are lots of people out there in France who adore cupcakes! :)

  10. As the only Parisian in here, I suddenyl feel the need to go and hide under a rock. So I'll start off by saying that not all Parisians are like that. REALLY!

    I think your cupcakes are cute and yummy. It's something very new in France but I think the French will pick it up eventually, just like they picked the doughnut, once they get around the concept of cream cheese/buttermilk frosting.