19 February 2010

I Want to Get Away, I Want to Fly Away

I cannot believe it's that time already. Another school holiday starts today and with all the cupcake madness that has been going on here recently, I find myself very ill-prepared for the looong two-week stretch ahead of us. Now, I'm not really complaining because this is one of the beauties of France -- our kiddies get a two-week break just about every 6 weeks, and working adults get on average 6 weeks of holiday a year. Not to mention all the bank holidays and the fact that most of the country shuts down for the entire month of August. If you don't believe it, take a look at this Wikipedia chart that shows France having one of the lowest work hours annually in the world!

As I have mentioned, my son attends a pretty posh private school in the 8th. And chatting up some of his classmates' parents has definitely given me envie to head out of town and plant myself on a loungechair in some 5-star resort in the Tropics. Oh waiter, pina colada please! I recently asked one of the moms what she and her family would be doing over the break and her response was "Well, we usually go to our house in Nevis at this time of year. But it's such a long trip with the kids so we decided to go someplace a little more local. We'll be vacationing in Mauritius for the next two weeks." Tough life, hunh? But seriously, this isn't an uncommon type of answer. What I wouldn't do for those type of vacation dilemmas! :)

We'll be here enjoying all that is on offer in Paris, and schlepping out to the local suburbs for my son to take some swimming lessons. I also plan to try a new cupcakery in the hood to see if it lives up to all the hubbub. As well as baking cupcakes. So unfortunately no real flying away...for this vacation at least.

Lord knows I could use a break - it has been insanely busy since the start of the New Year. And I thank you all for your support! I have barely had time to take pictures of even half the cupcakes that have gone out. Here is an assortment though of a few of my recent jobs. Some birthday, some going away, some thank you cupcakes (which have had me singing "Hot for Teacher" all week and reminiscing about the night a girlfriend and I hung out with Diamond Dave but I'll leave that story for another time....) and a dozen for a TV pilot that is being shot this weekend for French TV.

Happy Weekend, and to those of you here in Paris with kids, enjoy the school break!


  1. Beautiful, as usual! What a blessing to be so busy doing what you love to do! Happy "stay-cationing"! :)

  2. Hi Cassie, thanks for stopping by. I couldn't agree more - that is why I always say "busy but not complaining!" Staycationing -- i like that. Wonder how you say that in French! :)

  3. Beautiful! Love the Elmo's. I saw some very cute cookie monster cupcakes somewhere online....maybe here?? they were iced and dipped in blue tinted coconut and had big googly eyes (fondant or marzipan??) and each one had a chocolate chip cookie in it's mouth. It would so go well with your Elmos.

  4. How cute are those Elmo cupcakes :D