07 March 2010

Ice Ice Baby (Too Cold, Too Cold)

My oldest goes back to school tomorrow after a 2 week break. I'm noticing a lot of friends reappear on Facebook just back in town following vacations in such far-off places as Miami, Thailand or the Alps. We stayed in town, though my son attended swim camp this week which thankfully he loved (& now he can swim! Or at least get to the side of the pool and hang on should he inadvertantly fall in).

The first week of vacation seems to have passed in a big blur. It was one rainy, grey day after another - typical for Paris at this time of year. Plus, we had a tempest! I love how the French call it that - so Shakespearean. This past week, we had many sunny days which was fortunate since my daughter and I were stuck outside in Boulogne for 3 hours every afternoon waiting for my boy while he swam. It was starting to get warmer and I was feeling confident that Spring was just around the corner.

In fact, I started thinking ahead to the several weddings I have on my books and some of the cupcakes coming out of my kitchen this week were definitely inspired by the balmy days: Lemon Tart cupcakes decorated with daisies, Orange Mignon with cute little Spring flowers, a sample wedding cupcake made with lavender and decorated in pale purple and white tones, a warm mauve colored Storm cupcake, and others made with fresh bananas, strawberries, and blackberries. Even, my new March flavor: I Want (Cotton) Candy (pictured below) is a light, airy, sugary surprise of vanilla and cotton candy decked out in sparkly Spring pinks.

And then nature reared its ugly head. Back to the freezing temps we go. I'm talking arctic here - time to pull the cashmere sweaters and the Uggs back out. :( Oh, I know it won't be long before the mercury starts rising again. Until then, guess we just have to keep on hibernating and dreaming about the coming thaw.


  1. Ah spring, when a young woman's fancy turns to cupcakes. Those cupcakes are a sure sign that spring is almost here. Hurray! :-)

  2. These are all so beautiful!! I love the lavender medallion with flowers! I'd especially love to try the cotton candy. :-) Too bad I am no where near Paris. That's where you are right?

  3. Lovely cupcakes! Love the Lemon Tart, gorgeous flowers too.

  4. Hi Cat...

    Your cupcakes get prettier by the day!! LOVE the lemon... and the embossed ones are BEAUTIFUL... perfect for weddings... Let alone the purple one at the bottom of the post-- LOVE the piping, looks like you used a different tip.. like a leaf tip.. or something like that...
    Also.. The cotton candy one REALLY has me interested... maybe when we get together in April/May - you can bake up a few for me to try... ; )
    Hope all is well... sun is a shinin' now... Have a great week!