12 January 2012

Every Morning

When I was in elementary school, we used to go to a skating rink about twice a month and it was my favorite way to spend a weekend afternoon. There was the requisite mirror ball, lots of strobe lights and they played every disco song imaginable. Skating around the rink is one of my most vivid and happy memories memories of this time period; I literally wanted to spend my life there. As I got older, I spent a lot of time at the ice rink - I think my mom had visions of me competing in the Olympics or something cause I took figure-skating lessons several times a week after school. I always loved scooting around - whether on ice or roller skates - and often dreamed of joining a roller derby team, or opening up an old-time diner with waitresses on wheels.

I made this cake for a lucky 9 year-old who was having an old-fashioned skate party today. How cool is that? I hope she and her friends had a blast (and enjoyed their baked goods). I'm just bummed I didn't get an invitation to cruise around the rink with them!

Speaking of skates, and the title of this post, this song has been on my iPod playlist for about as long as I can remember -- I bet you can guess my favorite parts of the video!

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