10 January 2012

It's a New Day

Happy 2012 to you all! I hope your New Year is off to a good start. I was super grateful to get the chance to spend a week away with my family in London over the holidays. Not so grateful for the stomach bug my daughter, and then my husband, picked up. It was gruesome and I wish there was some way to apologize again to the poor woman that went home with my daughter's undigested lunch thrown up all over her at the Science Museum. I told you it wasn't pretty! We spent a lot of time indoors, and in front of the TV - the kids were hooked on the Disney Channel; I was happy to catch up on some old episodes of Cupcake Wars and find a new obsession: LA Ink.
So, now I'm back in Paris and ready to kick off the New Year with a bang. I have many fun projects coming up this month, including making some cupcakes for a film shoot. I'm trying to make some progress on the store front but it's slow-going. I have yet to hear anything tangible from the owner of the store I made an offer to in early December. It was a solid offer and I am frustrated there hasn't been any real feedback. Last I checked, we were in the midst of a financial crisis but hey, if it's not meant to be, I hope that means there is a better space out there just waiting for me. I'm continuing to pursue the matter - chalk it up to things working differently in France than what I have come to expect back home.
In the meantime, I have created a new Sugar Daze page on Facebook. I really appreciate the fan interaction there and so it's with a heavy heart that I'm moving away from the Little Miss Cupcake page, and the 3200 fans I have amassed there. But I figure if I am going to do this store, I can't risk any more confusion between myself, my business and the CopyCat baker. Time to once and for all, put the past in the past and get on with it. I have a vanity URL that is real easy to remember: www.facebook.com/enviedecupcakes So please do me a favor, and go like me there. And spread the buttercream love by telling all your friends! :P

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