12 May 2012

Don't Stop Believing

Well kiddies, if you haven't heard the Sugar Daze Bake Shop is coming soon!!! I am so excited - this is literally a dream come true! And I thank you all who have encouraged me along the way. I am so looking forward to sharing my special brand of American-style cupcakes with both those who are already fans and newcomers alike. It's time Paris got a taste of real fresh-baked cupcakes like we make 'em back home!

If you want to follow news about the store, check out my new Sugar Daze facebook page: www.facebook.com/enviedecupcakes . Oh and sorry for the lack of pics with this post; my tech capabilities are a bit limited as I'm in the hospital with a nasty staph infection (a word to the wise - you know when they tell you to take extra care to disinfect a cut or wound? Just Do It!).

Hope to see y'all real soon at the Bake Shop!

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