02 June 2012

It's Been a Long Long Time Coming, But I Know a Change Gonna Come

When I was pregnant with my kids, as my due dates approached, I would think to myself, "Only 2 more weeks until it's not just going to be the two of us anymore." Or, "By this time next week, it's going to be back to diapers, late night feedings and no sleep!" I'm sure I am not the only one who felt this way. Funnily as the target date for my store opening approaches, I've had similar thoughts -- "Only 3 weekends left and then I'll be working every Saturday all day away from my family...."

My store has been a loooooong time in the making. I've watched as many of the other cupcake bakers here in Paris who started out like me with custom-order business have opened their stores, some have even opened two stores (!) and I'm still plugging away on my own in a rented kitchen.

It took us almost 4 years to decide we were ready for a second child and the same is true about my store. Which I guess will be like a 3rd baby. I used to get sick to my stomach thinking about having a store and all the time it would mean away from my family who I love so dearly. But truth is, I'm not getting any younger and I just feel this is something I gotta do...to see how far I can take this, where my business will lead me. I'm ready for more hard work, I'm still overwhelmingly passionate about what I do, I still love seeing the delight on a customer's face when they see the cupcakes I have created for them, and I'm still a little sick to my stomach about the whole store thing but hoping that will pass in time as my baby grows from a needy newborn to a more independent toddler, and then some hopefully!

I can't recall who I was corresponding with but about 2 years ago on twitter someone suggested when I open my cupcake store, I should give out free cupcakes. I thought it was a mighty fine idea and agreed. Well, I am a woman of my word and that's why we'll be giving away 1 free cupcake to the first 100 people through the door on opening day. No strings.

So without further ado, I am delighted to share that June 23 is the day I've circled on my calendar for the opening of the Sugar Daze Bake Shop. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, we'll be ready!

The Sugar Daze Bake Shop
20 rue Henri Monnier (map here on Foursquare)
75009 Paris
Metro: St-Georges, Pigalle
Open Tues-Sat (still working on those hours)
Phone: Will post just as soon as the phone company gets me set up!

Every day you will find a rotating assortment of the over 30 flavors on my current menu, plus special limited-time only flavors & other traditional, American-style baked goods. Oh and did I tell you how stoked I am to be partnering with Le Palais de Thés whose tea you will be able to enjoy with your cupcakes either as take-out or on-site (yes, there will be a small seating area in the Bake Shop).

Hope to see you there!
PS If you'd like to help me spread the word, please feel free to contact presse@sugardazecupcakes.com for a copy of our press release.


  1. Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! Congratulations on a dream come true :)

  2. Cat, you have passion + commitment + support from your family & strong network of friends + happy customers...of course you will take this to the next level and then some. It's only natural to feel nervous, but a year from now you'll have NO regrets. So happy for you and proud to say I was your first customer. Bonne chance!!

  3. Congratulations on your new shop! Wishing you loads of success.

  4. We will do our best to stop by on June 28! So excited for you! Bonne chance!