08 January 2009

Magmion vs. Tasarau : Gormiti Birthday Cupcakes

My oldest turns 6 today; he eats, breathes and sleeps these beasties called Gormiti (okay Ben 10 gets about 40% of his attention). There are good Gormiti and bad Gormiti (the red ones) and they battle it out on the Ile of Gorm. (For more Gormiti, you gotta watch this YouTube video which always cracks me up. I don't speak Italian so apologies if there are any obscenities. I just can't imagine that some grown-up men spent their weekend coming up with this short "oeuvre"!).

My favorites are the People of the Forest who have branches, flowers and tree barks where their faces should be. My son is preferential to the People of the Air who come in all sorts of winged varieties. Gormiti were introduced to us via an Italian boy in his class. They are all the rage now in their homeroom and of course, for his birthday, my son wanted to take Gormiti cupcakes to school. I took the easy way out and made some simple toppers which I post here cause I often have customers ask me what to do for a kids' birthday party and these are one of the simplest, fun ways to dress up a cupcake.

I had a second order of birthday cupcakes today which are a little more classic in their design as they were made for a friend's mom who is visiting from the US.

I'm not sure if she would have fully appreciated the Gormiti cupcakes. Anyway, Happy Birthday all you Capricorns!

And I have to give a shout-out to the King who would have celebrated his 74th birthday today! Whether a Gormiti fan or a lover of a more sedate design, judging by his girth in the latter years, I think he probably would have liked (and eaten) all of them!

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