27 January 2009

Truly, Madly, Deeply

How do I love thee, sweet cupcake? Let me count the ways.....From 1 - 16 February, Little Miss Cupcake will be serving up some enchanting new flavor combinations to treat your sweet (tooth or heart) for Valentine's Day.

Looking to put some sizzle back in your true love's step? Try our Kiss Kiss Bang Bang cupcake: a red velvet cupcake topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting and a red white chocolate heart. For extra bang, ask for your icing "red hot" -- kicked up a notch with cinnamon.

When you are in love, you see life through rose-colored lenses. Make your St. Valentine's more rosy with our La Vie en Rose cupcake: a pink champagne cupcake topped with swirled white chocolate and raspberry buttercream. A sweet red strawberry is baked in at its center.

Heart racing? Butterflies in your tummy? No worries, sounds like you just got a taste of our Cupid's Arrow: A chocolate-swirled vanilla cupcake topped with a layer of chocolate glaze and cherry buttercream. Chocolate candy hearts on top add some sweetness to Cupid's sting.

For sale in boxes of 12 (4 of each flavor), available on a first call, first serve basis for 30,00 euro. Limited delivery available in Western Paris. All others, pick-up only.

For Every Occasion, A Cupcake. This one tagged a romantic night for sweet lovers on St. Valentine's Day!

Yours Truly,
Little Miss Cupcake

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  1. The way to a woman's (or man's) heart is through your cupcakes.

  2. haha, I was just thinking of the same quote as J. as I was about to post! These cupcakes look truly romantic! If I lived in Paris I would be buying some :)

  3. Mais où trouves-tu toutes ces magnifiques déco??
    Moi qui pensait qu'il n'y en avait pas sur Paris x)

  4. Chere Sarah,
    Les perles en argent (sur La Vie en Rose)et les coeurs roses et fuschias (sur Cupid's Arrow) de Monoprix - rayon dragee. Les autres (coeurs rouge en chocolat blanc et coeurs roses/violet en fondant de chamaloow) sont fabriques par moi-meme! Vous pouves egalement trouver des perles, vermicelles, etc. de toutes les couleurs au Lafeyette Gourmet.