01 January 2011

I'm Walking on Sunshine & Don't It Feel GOOD!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope your 2011 is off to a good start. I had some amazing news about 1 hour in and am hoping it's a sign of all the good stuff that is yet to come.

Yesterday I told you about the young Frenchman, Jerome, I prepared "proposal" cupcakes for. I first met him this summer when he came to me looking for cupcakes for his girlfriend's birthday. She had discovered cupcakes while living in DC during 2009 for a work project and became a little bit obsessed. Several failed home-baking trials later, and after having dragged Jerome to every cupcake shop in Paris looking for the holy grail, frustration set in as nothing lived up to her memories of what she had tasted stateside. A friend of a friend sent them to me and since then, they have become pretty frequent clients. Slowly working their way through just about every flavor on my menu!

In November, Jerome asked me if I would be in Paris over New Year's - that he had something special in mind and wanted to make me a part of it. I was a bit reluctant to commit as I hoped that we would be away on vacation for the holidays but as fate would have it, we were unable to get out of town. Had I known what he had in store, I would have answered with a firm yes right there on the spot.

A few weeks ago, a follow-up email...."I am planning on proposing to Rose-Marie on New Year's Eve and want to do it with cupcakes." Come again? What? Oh my! An order like this only comes around like once in a lifetime and I was so honored that I had been asked to do this! Once I got over my excitement, I turned into a mini bridezilla over the next few weeks. Pouring over cupcake sites looking for the perfect die-cut cupcake wrappers and suggesting all sorts of flavors to Jerome -- champagne-based, rose for Rose-Marie, etc., etc. He quickly came back and told me, "Let's just make it simple, okay? Chocolate, vanilla, pretty but classic." Well, whatever what the customer wants, right?......

Jerome came by yesterday to collect the cupcakes and I have to admit he looked as a cool as a cucumber. I on the other hand was a bundle of nerves. I could barely get the cupcakes in the box my hands were shaking so much and my thoughts were on them all evening! I was so anxious to have news last night and then at 0H53 a text...."elle a dit oui!" (She said yes!). I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am for the young couple. Preparing these cupcakes was a major highlight for me on both a professional and personal level. Wishing Jerome and Rose-Marie all the best for a happy and bright future. I'm already thinking about the cupcake tower I want to build for the wedding; I have just the right decoration design in mind....kidding! Okay, not really! ;P


  1. It must have been the cupcakes!

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes - the flowers look amazing!

  3. sooo sweet! those are amazing looking cupcakes too! love the "banner" and the rose. i also love the look of your new logo and blog! ^_^