29 January 2011

I See Your True Colors Shining Through

It is frigid out today in Paris, though we were lucky to have a few rays of sunshine this morning. I feel like it's time to pack it all in and go hibernate for a few months and so decided to dress up today's orders in some bright, vivid Spring colors.

Petal pink, bright lemon and rosy red add some splash to She Wore Lemon, Rogue, and Strawberry Berry Berry Good cupcakes (above); I had some fun with the piping on Strawberry ones which remind me of those old bathing caps the synchronized swimmers wore in the '50's. And then I went with lots of sparkles and pink buttercream to accent the 3-layer Vanilla Lovers Cinderella cake. Don't you just love Cinderella's dress with the feather collar? Tres chic!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for brightening up my day! Only wish I could have some of your yummy, colorful cupcakes.