22 November 2008

Feeling my 15 Minutes

Okay, maybe more like 15 seconds but Little Miss Cupcake got blogged about twice yesterday!

Check it out on:
J-Two-O, a blog about "life, sports, cats and dogs, politics, sex, the joys and frustrations of working at home, and whatever else I feel like writing about." (Okay, full disclosure, the author of this blog is a longtime friend of the family, and has been a very vocal supporter!). Thanks, J, for giving me a plug in your blog!
And, I was also mentioned on Cupcakes Take the Cake, "the #1 blog about cupcakes." This is THE place for those of us in the "industry." Smirk, smirk!

I also was interviewed by French channel, TF1, but that was about the flu vaccine. Don't ask, suffice it to say that my sleep-deprived brain and post-delivery stress after losing a cupcake to a scuffle in the street lead me to say, "No, I am not vaccinated against the flu because I am scared of getting sick from it. I mean, aren't there live 'germs' in those things?" I am sure I will be popping up all over France in a segment about how stupid people can be when it comes to misconceptions surrounding the flu vaccine. :( I was definitely not ready for my close-up!


  1. You deserve all the positive publicity, LMC! And btw, that cupcake looks DELICIOUS. Yum.

    I am also with you re the flu shot. It may be a total coincidence but the one time I got a flu shot, I got horribly, horribly sick, for months.

  2. Well, I just had my flu shot yesterday. Now can I have a cupcake?

  3. I have one here with your name on it, Elizabeth!