16 November 2008

Little Miss Cupcake Parle Aussi Français

Evidemment! I am married to a Frenchman after all....
Though it's doubtful I'll ever blog "à la Française" as my written French is so bad it would likely get me thrown out of the country faster than you can say "freedom fries," I am happy to announce that now the Frenchies can discover all about Little Miss Cupcake's delicacies on the Version Française of the site. So spread the love (and the word)!

For Every Occasion, A Cupcake.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Cat
    I just found this and I'm TOTALLY blown away! By your cupcakes and by how much you fit into your life! Seriously - where DO you find the time?? Can I please have a 1 on 1 coaching session to learn how to do a fraction of what you do?!
    Joanne :-)