14 November 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire Mlle. P!

Today is my niece's 6th birthday. I cannot believe how the time flies! She was born just 6 weeks before my son and we shared a lot of firsts together as both my SIL and her family, and my husband, myself and my son all decided to move back to France at the same time in 2003. Of course, my in-laws were more than happy to take us all in (really, they were!)while we found permanent housing solutions. It was a crazy time and probably affected my initial adjustment to my new "hometown" in both good ways and bad, but nonetheless, it was fantastic to see the kids growing up together, taking their first steps, saying their first words, etc.

So here I raise my glass** to you and say: Joyeux Anniversaire Mademoiselle P! May fortune smile down upon you in the year ahead. You asked for green and yellow cupcakes and here is a preview of what I will be bringing tomorrow. I promise they taste even better than they look! Bisous, Tata Cat

A note to customers: These are Vanilla Lovers' Cupcakes off the Old School Menu, tinted green and yellow per my niece's request and decorated with confetti sprinkles, gummy bears and marshmallow accents.

** For those of you here in Paris, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Flûte Paris last night, a satellite of the champagne bar in NYC, with a group of girlfriends. While the drinks are pricey and there is only about 8 tables in the joint, it's a charming place for a pre-dinner coupe or an after-theater night cap! All this talk of birthdays just makes me want to go open a bottle of bubbly...there's nothing better for washing down a cupcake. Cheers!

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