19 November 2008

My Endless Love

I used to love this movie growing up. It's a classic Romeo & Juliet tale of young love and tragedy. Brooke Shields was so beautiful in it and I used to cry at the end when she leaves David pining after her, after all he has been through in his quest to be with her. And don't get me started on the great theme song sung by Mr. Lionel Ritchie and disco diva, Diana Ross. One of my all-time favorites!

I had an order come in for a 10th year wedding anniversary. May we all be so lucky to make it that far! And was really touched by my Client, Vicky's, request to add some sort of writing to the cakes saying things like "Crazy for You" and "10 Years & Still Madly in Love." What a romantic! I immediately had thoughts of rose colored icing and red hearts. Vicky's husband is a chocolate fanatic and I gotta warn ya', these are chocolate on SPEED! 12 Devil's Food: 1/2 filled with chocolate cream, frosted with chocolate buttercream and topped with home-made red-tinted white chocolate hearts, 1/2 loaded with white chocolate chunks and frosted with white chocolate buttercream. To accommodate Vicky's message requests, I topped these with little flags proclaiming her declarations of love.

As someone wished me at my wedding, "May the best of your past be the worst of the future," I say the same in turn..... V & G, I am honored that my cupcakes will be part of such a special celebration and I wish you a very Happy Anniversary.

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  1. HATE the song, LOVE the cupcakes. YUM! Looking forward to that International shipping option. ; )