10 December 2008

Iron Cupcake: Earth

There is a cupcake contest I have been following called Iron Cupcake: Earth. The premise is simple - every month they put out the call to cupcake lovers to come up with a special cupcake creation using a specific ingredient. If you ever have watched the Food Network show Iron Chef, you know the drill.

This month the challenge is for cupcakes with a "chocolate twist." I've been thinking about doing something with cherries and cream, or several different chocolate varieties in one, or chocolate mousse. So I am curious, what are your favorite chocolate combinations? What are some of the outrageous chocolate flavor pairings you'd be interested in tasting? I'll share the loot with any of you who suggest a winning cupcake combo. :) And, I urge all of you cupcake bakers out there to submit your own entries. Please post here and tell us if you do -- I always love to see what fellow bakers are whipping up.

Fields of Cake already submitted some peppermint twist beauties that I think look sinfully good! She'll be a hard challenger to beat!

As for the photo above, I am getting ready to go to a tasting this afternoon to see if there isn't a better, easier way to get Little Miss Cupcake cupcakes into your hands (and mouths). I am thinking World Domination. Ha ha! These are some of my classics: Berry Berry Good, Caramel Dolce, Chocolate Squared and Mixed Up Vanilla Lover's (decorated as a Sapin de Noel -- one of my big requests this month)! Wish me luck!


  1. I don't know how original these chocolate ideas are but they are all yummy:

    * chocolate hazelnut
    * chocolate with chili
    * chocolate with lavender
    * chocolate with marzipan
    * white chocolate with raspberry
    * white and dark chocolate
    * mocha

    Good luck with the competition. Wish I could be a judge!

  2. Thanks, J. These all sound delicious! I particularly like the lavender, chili and white choc. w/raspberry suggestions. MMMMM!

  3. We just came back from Brussels and had dark chocolate with cardamon - a fantastic, spicy, moreish combination! Our five-year-old liked it too, although it seemed quite an adult sort of taste to me. Perfect for a cupcake on these dark winter nights...

  4. Oh, Jill, that does sound good! It's a bit early but the wheels are turning...there was recently a post on the MSG site about chai tea and I am thinking something infused with that and topped with the cardamom/dark chocolate combo sounds yummy!