21 December 2008

Just Call Me "Cuhp-cake, Leetull Meess"

On Friday, I delivered some cupcakes to a gal who is leaving her full-time gig to dedicate herself 100% to her blog. I say bravo! And what a blog it is! My Little Paris where you can "discover the hidden side of Paris," is filled with all sorts of tips, insider advice and reviews of the best Paris has to offer in deco, culture, food, "little luxuries," shopping, etc. (though it is in French).

The delivery started off poorly when I couldn't get a sitter to watch my 15 month-old. So I packed her up...and my cupcakes in boxes...and away we went. Having done the corporate world for over a decade, I had to laugh at myself entering an office building in my usual casual baking attire: jeans, UGGs and tattered sweater, with baby and stroller in tow. But she is a charmer, always smiling and babbling at everyone (she kills them with "bye bye"), and soon we had everyone we encountered cooing and calling after us. I arrive at the company reception, where I am immediately struck by the overwhelming heat in the office. My thoughts run to buttercream going bad and my cupcakes ending up in puddles at the bottom of their boxes.

Me: Yes, we are here to drop off some cupcakes for the going-away party.
Receptionist: Some what?
(BTW, I should add here that this conversation is taking place in French. Though there is no translation for the word "cupcake." And this is the abbreviated exchange; in all we spent about 20 minutes on the back and forth!)
Me: Cupcakes...for the going-away party.
Receptionist: And, you are?
Me: Little Miss Cupcake. Monsieur Q. ordered cupcakes.
Receptionist: Who are you? What company? Monsieur Q. is not here today...
Me: Yes, I know, he told me he would be out. Little Miss Cupcake. He asked I just drop off the cupcakes for the going-away party.
Receptionist: Well, maybe I should call Monsieur S. Do you know that name?
Me: No. Monsieur Q just said to drop them off.
Receptionist calling Monsieur S.:
Yes there is a....(turning to me)what did you say your name is again?
Me: Little Miss Cupcake.
Receptionist to Monsieur S: Well, she is dropping something off. You are expecting her? No, no, they are small boxes. Not at all what you are expecting. (Hangs up).
Receptionist to me again: Maybe I should call F. and tell her she has a delivery? Oh no, but what if it is a surprise and I ruin it. I know, I will call her assistant. What is the name of your company again?

(At this point in the exchange, my daughter is getting restless and whiny, I am nearly sweating to death in all the layers I had bundled on for the cold outside, and who knows what shape the cupcakes are in).

Me: Little Miss Cupcake.
Receptionist on phone again: Yes, I have a girl here. She is with her baby. She has something for the going-away party. Can you come up?....I don't know. Monsieur Q was in contact with her but he is not here. Monsieur S. is expecting something but not her....Okay, just come up. I'll ask her the name again. (Turns to me and before she can get the words out of her mouth....)
Me: My name is "Leetull Meess Cuhp-cake." (This is said in my best 'French person talking in English' accent).
Receptionist: Ah, zee cuhp-cakes! Why didn't you say so? Yes, yes, you can just leave them here and we will take them to the conference room!
Me: Great, oh and can you make sure they are put somewhere cool? It's a bit hot in here..
Receptionist: Yes, like 30 degrees today in here (equivalent of almost 90 degrees F!). Now I wonder, should we take them directly to the kitchen where they could go in the refrigerator or should we ask Mr. Q's assistant to come get them????

And with that, my daughter and I bid a final adieu to the frenetic corporate world to once again seek refuge, calm and quiet in our cozy Parisian "workplace" : my kitchen. :)

PS -- these cupcakes feature my first time working with marshmallow fondant (the stars) which was not as hard as I thought, just messy, especially since you can't find Crisco here which facilitates the kneeding process. Many thanks to Flickr user rsvpscakes who instructed me on how to make it.


  1. Yet another reason why this is now one of my favorite blogs! I can just picture that scene and conversation. And, as per usual, the cupcake picture is tres magnifique.

  2. Le jeu en valait la chandelle. Les cupcakes ont été les vedettes de ce buffet de pot de départ : aussi bons et beaux!

    Merci à Denis pour cette attention et merci à Little Miss Cupcake pour son talent.

  3. Merci, Fany! C'etait un plaisir. Je suis deja fan de votre superbe blog. En espèrant que votre travail portera ses fruits, je vous souhaite bonne continuation!

  4. Hysterically funny story!!!