28 December 2008

Yes We Can! Iron Cupcake Voting Now Open.

Six Degrees of Chocolate Celebration (left) & Sundae is My Favorite Dae (right).

Well, Saint Nick has done his rounds and we're setting out to recycle the last remnants of the wrapping paper. We've had 3 days of turkey, foie gras and champagne left-overs. Yum! The kids are already looking forward to their next toy purchases (how is it possible they tire so quickly of their gifts?) And Iron Cupcake just opened up for voting!

If you are a fan of my cupcakes, or just want to get on my good side, please go and vote for Little Miss Cupcake at No One Puts Cupcake in a Corner. You'll have to scroll down to see my entries as they are in alphabetical order by baker. In the right hand column of the page there will be a button to vote for your 3 favorite cupcakes, based on appearance and summary of each recipe. My Iron Cupcake entries for this month's challenge: Chocolate with a Twist are:

Entry 1: Six Degrees of Chocolate Celebration. As the name implies, this cupcake boasts 6 degrees/layers of chocolate celebration. The cake is made from layers of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It is then drizzled with a dark chocolate glaze, topped with a milk chocolate buttercream and white chocolate stars or white chocolate sprinkles and a semi-sweet chocolate heart. Served with two marshmallows on a pick, one dipped in milk chocolate; the other in white chocolate and covered with chocolate jimmies.

Entry 2: Sundae is My Favorite Dae. Vanilla cupcake with swirls of milk chocolate and coffee; topped with whipped cream; drizzled with caramel sauce and milk chocolate; sprinkled with crushed peanuts and milk, white and dark chocolate pearls; and lastly, the proverbial cherry on top! Serve with vanilla or your favorite flavor ice cream. Inspired by childhood Sundays spent with my Mom and suggested by my husband.

Voting will be open through Friday, January 2 at 12 noon. So please get over there and vote for me. I'll be baking up a few pans of the winning cupcake if chosen so you're all invited over for a little celebratory fete chez moi when (if!) that happens..... ;0


  1. Good Luck! I voted for you. Megan Campbell of Message, Paris.

  2. Thanks, Megan! The competition is stiff - I appreciate it!

  3. Hi Cat,i voted for you.Thanks for the pm and Happy New year. Teresa.